Obamas New Patriotic Pin

At The Monterey Company, we can easily recreate Obama Patriots for Peace lapel pins for you! Weeks ago, Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak Obama made negative news on the Internet when he was seen not wearing an American flag lapel pin. He told the media that wearing or not wearing a lapel pin wasn’t a reflection […]

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Nonprofit Lapel Pins Help Nonprofits Get Donations

Help your organization raise funds with nonprofit lapel pins and gemstones. Many nonprofit organizations have asked The Monterey Company to create lapel pins that they can use as donor gifts. So when donors donate, they receive decorative pins as an acknowledgment of their financial support. One local nonprofit organization, the Animal Rescue Friends of Idyllwild […]

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Nursing Lapel Pins: The Brain Pin

This nursing pin is as unique as the nurse who inspired it. The call came in from a nurse on the East Coast. “I’d like to order a lapel pin with a picture of a brain on it,” she said. She worked in the neurology department of a large community hospital, and she wanted something […]

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