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Soft rubber patches are custom made to order!

You may know from past experience that buying cloth patches won’t go a week with your troop without fading, tearing or fraying. You may have tried a variety of other techniques, but honestly, you are about to tear your hair out and need a solution, fast. Well, prepare to breathe easy. PVC patches are at your service.

Looking for a custom patch maker?

At The Monterey Company, we handcraft our custom rubber patches by pouring Polyvinyl Chloride into a uniquely or standardly shaped mold. On top of the first base layer of the patch, we add a new layer on top until the design is shaped by your requests. Just as your squadron and you are different from the others, your custom patch will be custom modeled to your specific requirements. Although we are able to make many of the same custom-made patches, with the same features, a new mold must be created to adjust for any change in size, shape or design.

Custom rubberized patches weather-resistant?  The answer is yes! Because our custom made patches are made out of a bendable, yet durable plastic, they are tough enough to

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withstand many harsh and wet conditions. Our patches are highly resistant to harsh rain, temperatures, humidity, and sunlight and will not crack or fade!

How large can a patch be?  The maximum length is normally 11 inches.

What does layering mean? With custom made patches, you can add as many layers as you wish. Layering creates a bold 3D effect on the finished patch, and let’s not forget, adding extra layers comes at no charge! If you need more inspiration on making a patch, take a look at our gallery.

How are custom patches made? Just like creating a collage, layering coats of polyvinyl adds texture, shape and new height to the patch. These layers build your patch into the design you want, where every layer of your custom made patch is designed in a way that allows for a change in height and color.



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