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When it comes to designing your own PVC patches, there are a few things that are important to know.

PVC Patches
PVC Patches are made of Polyvinyl chloride, the third most used plastic today. The questions above are only some of the questions our customers ask us when creating “PVC Patches” with their logo or insignia. The trend of using PVC Patches has been made popular by the Military (aka Military Patches), law enforcement and many other companies who want a long lasting patch to be used with their logo.

Custom PVC Patches, because of their material are very strong and flexible and do not wear out as easily compared to traditional embroidered patches. Because these Patches are so durable, they’ve become very popular especially with the military. The cost to produce PVC Patches is more no more expensive than traditional patches. The benefit of using PVC Patches is their durability and their ability to translate artwork and logos to a finished patch.

Another benefit to using PVC Patches is they are vibrant and the color choices are virtually endless. This coupled with the durability of PVC Patches make choosing them over fabric has made them extremely popular and known to last over five years.

We’ve been creating PVC Patches for many years and have a solid reputation in making sure that when you order your PVC Patches, your will be exactly to your specifications.
The process of making PVC Patches starts with asking the right questions. Our quotes are based on many factors such as color, size, quantity, delivery schedule of your PVC Patch order and more. Too often we hear of customer who have ordered from other vendors and the quality of the is nothing compared to what the customer expected. We go one step further in actually providing a physical proof prior to manufacturing your custom PVC Patch. Once you’ve signed off on your proof, we get to work on creating your order.

Most of our customers have many questions, such as:

  • How long does it take to create my PVC Patches?  
  • Can I put my logo on my PVC Patches?
  • How many colors to PVC Patches come in?

PVC Patches can be made in 2 to 3 weeks depending on if your design has multiple layers or 3D.

Yes! logos can be done in many ways including 3D or using multiple layers.

We use the PMS color matching system and there are no limits to the color choices when adding color or matching your logo.

PVC Patches

Should you have any more questions about PVC Patches, we encourage you to fill out our quote request and we will follow up with you promptly.


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