Custom PVC patches can withstand almost any conditions you put them through!

Looking for a custom PVC patch constructed to keep up with an active lifestyle that is also weather, water, and action-proof and machine-washable? Look no further, The Monterey Company’s PVC patches are ideal for anyone that needs something more than just fabric to sport their custom logo. Ranging from firefighters, police forces, and military personnel to hikers, motorcyclists, and paintball teams, our custom made PVC patches are perfect for any group seeking adventure and are easy to apply to hats, jackets, bags, backpacks, and more. Built to extensively withstand virtually any amount of activity you put them through, we understand the hustle and bustle of an active lifestyle and that’s why we engineer only the most durable, bold, and reliable PVC patches out there. We design our PVC patches to keep up with you and your team, rain sleet or snow, and to this, we pledge your guaranteed satisfaction.

Unlike the typical fabric used to create patches, PVC patches are made from Polyvinyl chloride, which is a soft and sturdy plastic that can be easily molded and set into a variety of different shapes. This unique material is heat and cold resilient and can be dyed easily to sport bold, colorful, and unique designs. Not only are PVC patches easily customizable and individualistic, but they are also easily made convenient to put on and take off. Using Velcro, your PVC patches can be built to remain secure only while you want them to be. patches-idyllwild-fire-emtThis allows for them to stay in mint condition for as long as possible with the least amount of effort.

While these PVC patches sport many useful features, they are also formulated to be highly fade resistant and although PVC Patches are durable and wear-resistant, small letters and complex designs can be easily embellished on its surface. Whether you are looking for a realistic and dynamic design that is textured and raised or a tastefully simple design kept on the surface, our expert craftsmen will mold the perfect PVC patch to fit your requirements. Because PVC patches are made with Polyvinyl, it causes them to be soft, yet unbreakable under virtually any amount of stress. This allows your PVC patches to sport a durable 2D or even 3D design while sustaining excellent flexibility and resiliency for superior customization. From our hands to yours, these PVC patches are engineered to survive and look great doing it.

The Monterey Company specializes is durability, reliability, and meeting your expectations to the T. Not only do we provide service that is eager to confront your concerns, requirements, and specializations, but we offer PVC patches that deliver the same. Our experts ensure that you receive the highest quality material, the cleanest cut design, and the most original and genuine concepts and services particular to your order. With over 30 years of service, we bring you PVC patches that are not only sustainable, machine washable, and adventure-safe but are also reliable to carry a unique and personal design that outlasts miles and stands for the dream, cause, and business you believe in.