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PVC patches are the perfect opportunity to wear your team’s spirit while representing the sport you enjoy most.

Sports and Vinyl –what do these two things have in common? Well, the answer might be closer at hand than you may think. Sculpted by your imagination and crafted by hand, PVC patches are the perfect opportunity to wear your team’s spirit while representing the sport you enjoy most. Created by adding different layers of richly colored vinyl on top of a vinyl base, PVC patches create a bold, matte look that stands out at the same time as reflecting the passion you invest in the sport and the sense of family you invest in the team. Because teamwork is vital in most sports and is created by never giving up, always pushing through and the learned ability to work efficiently together as a group we base our PVC patch philosophy off exactly that. We believe that PVC patches have the ability to be as unique as your team and as durable, friendly and loyal as the members; here is how we can prove it to you.

Receiving a quote for custom PVC patches can sometimes be very difficult. If there is a number to call, you might get stuck with elevator music and a wait time that promises more than it can realistically convey. To us, PVC patches mean answering your quote request quickly and with no expense to your wallet, time or mood. Provided with your custom PVC patches is a single representative that will answer your request immediately and walk you through the whole process efficiently and effortlessly. We know that the ability to succeed is locked inside the ability to dedicate and this is why we feel that timeliness is key. From the first phone call to complimentary samples of your PVC patches, we dedicate our time, energy and skills to crafting your team the most efficient and fitting PVC patches – no loopholes, wait time, or idle complications.

Another thing that I love about our PVC patches is the ability to look great while being extremely durable at the same time. This is useful for any sport because of the physical action required. There’s a saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” However, even if you do eat it on the field, dirt, skid marks and grass stains alike are all guaranteed to wash off your PVC patches with just a bit of simple soap and water. Also, these PVC patches are crafted for athletes and other active professions, which means that they need to be reliable, durable, and committed to supporting your team and spirit rain, sleet or snow. We understand your need for efficiency and that’s why we also include the option to add Velcro to the back of your PVC patches. This means that at the end of the day, your PVC patches will always be easy to wash, always be considerate to your schedule and always offer you the option to trade out patches –which can be helpful when playing seasonal team sports that don’t necessarily require a uniform like Frisbee golf and track.

Feel like checking out some of our PVC patches for your team? Click the PVC patches tab located at the top of the website and shoot us an email. We’re always looking for creative minds like yours to put these hands to work!




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