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PVC Patches Are Hot School Fashion

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We are in the middle of August, and the mad dash to prepare for school has already begun.  Whether its preschool, elementary, junior high, high school or college, there is always a need to purchase school supplies, clothes and whatever other accessories needed to not only perform well at school, but also look good while doing it.

One of the latest trends that is actually a comeback trend is the use of PVC patches to embellish bags, backpacks, and jeans.  Custom patches have always been popular with sports teams, but clubs, groups of friends, and classmates have been using them as well to express their affiliation, creativity, and sense of style.

PVC patches are easy to design and apply onto other fabrics.  Often students will collect a variety of patches created by their individual friends.  Each person making a distinct patch and giving it out to those they are close to.  Custom patches are then collected and applied to backpacks.

Here at the Monterey Company, we use a multitude of fine quality colored twills combined with an even larger choice of strong, vibrant, high-quality threads that will turn a design into a striking embroidered patch. By using state-of-the-art technology, a design can be crafted into any size, shape, and color following the exact specifications are given to us by the creator.

Computer controlled embroidery machines are loaded with a digitized copy of a design. This is the key to accurate production. After stitching, each patch is precision cut and edged to further enhance the appearance of the final product. A backing of your choice is applied to the underside. We offer many different types of backings, including iron-on and adhesive. We always offer the option of pre-production samples in order to ensure that your PVC patches are exactly the way you want them. The entire process is simple, quick and professional. You will have your completed embroidery in as little as 2 weeks, and at a price to fit your budget.


School is about to start, and this trend is picking up steam again.  We are excited to see what the students across the country are coming up with this year.

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