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Film festivals and custom lanyards

Each year as film enthusiasts travel the film festival circuits across the world, there seems to be a buzz in the air as we begin to see all sorts of people wearing lanyards with mysterious name tags hanging from them.  Upon closer inspection, we learn it’s a group of directors, screenwriters and filmmakers gathering together for the film festival and their custom lanyards give them an exclusive all-access pass.

What is it about film festivals?  Cannes, Vale, Berlin International, Toronto, Sundance, Tribeca, South by Southwest, and Maui just to name a few, bring with them a sense of anticipation, appreciation, and commonality for the art of film, good stories told, and in some ways, escape.  We all get to lose ourselves in these cinematic stories, and we get to do it together, as a community.

Of course, the other component that makes film festivals so wonderful to attend is the location.  All of them seem to take place in tourist destinations known for their beauty and breathtaking landscape.  Nowhere is that more obvious than the island of Maui.customized lanyards with company logos

Not only do you get to travel a lush tropical island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, but then you’re treated to films outside under the dark starry skies, food tasting events and of course beautiful beaches during the day.  This particular film festival is starting to be known as the jewel of the Pacific and is attracting more and more visitors and attendees each year.

The mission statement of the film festival itself is:

“Maui Film Festival is built on the belief that great filmmaking is pure alchemy.  When filmmakers choose to tell compassionate life-affirming stories they can turn darkness into light.  It is this belief in the power of creativity to enlighten, as well as entertain, that is the guiding principle that gives the Maui Film Festival its character, its energy, and its soul.”

The Maui Film Festival takes place each June and is well worth being out in Hawaii for.  Make sure to join in on all the tastings and post-film showing parties, and keep your eyes out for those wearing those fun little lanyards… chances are, you’ll find, the people wearing them are quite interesting indeed!

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