Dog tags are an individual way to represent your dog, yourself and even beliefs. Shouldn’t they be customizable too?

We think so.

It’s been a few weeks since Turkitten moved into the Stark/Monterey Company home, and after much adjustment, and some ruffled fur, Paloma has graciously taken to Turkitten and there has actually been some nose touching and kissing! We were careful to be sensitive to Paloma’s feelings and assured her that she continues to be the number one canine mascot for Monterey Company and that Turkitten was merely filling in the position for feline mascot. She took it so well that her inspiration engines fired up and Paloma has been quite busy!

Not only has Paloma been burning up the Twittersphere, but she has also been researching some really fun trends in Dog Tags.

ID Dog Tags are not just for the military. People all over are creating them for groups, companies, Boy and Girl Scout Troops, classes, tournaments and sporting events, trendy jewelry with logos and themes, and of course, pets. Dog tags can be designed with logos and emblems, personal identification information, quotes and sayings, and any other design you can think of.  They can be as streamlined and simple as a traditional military identification dog tag or elaborate with colors, bevels, and stones.

One of the great uses for them is exactly what they were made for. Hunters, hikers, campers, runners, joggers and any other outdoor adventurer is well served by having their identifying information on them. It’s a great safety habit to have all your important information on you, including any allergies or medical issues as well as an emergency contact. If anything happens where you can’t speak for yourself, the Dog Tag has it all there for you and the person attending to you.

The other new trend in Dog Tags is personalized designs to commemorate special events. They have been created for humans or their fur babies, at golf tournaments, sporting events, reunions, horse races, fundraisers, graduations, clubs, dog park playgroups, team mementos, and many other events and for group affiliations. Dog tags can also be worn in a variety of ways; lanyards, chains, and keychains.

Paloma’s favorite is the doggie play date group of course! A colorful water bowl and bone design with her name and address, along with her mom and dads information, is just the perfect accessory for a cool dog on the run, and best of all, it matches all her friends as well!