About Patches

embroidery patch designThe Monterey Company is your source for designing and manufacturing all kinds of promotional products including patches. We have lots of great articles and inspiring ideas for your next project.
Want to learn more about custom patches? Wondering how to choose a custom patch provider? You’re definitely in the right place!

The more you understand about your customization options, the more likely you’ll choose the best promo products to properly market your company logo. Custom patches are a popular marketing choice, especially when wanting to personalize shirts, jackets, sports shorts, baseball hats, backpacks, and tote bags.


Hook and Loop Patches

Custom Hook and Loop Patches Custom designed patches are the perfect way to represent your organization, company, or business. But we know that not everything should be permanent-that’s why we offer a wide variety of hook-and-loop patches that can be interchanged and mixed-and-matched to create a versatile promotional product for you. With hook-and-loop backing, you…

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