Case Studies

testimonial videosWe thought it would be a great idea to share some victory stories with you! Our intention is for you to see specific examples of successful collaborations with our clients. These examples are proof that using custom promo products designed specifically for your company can truly make a difference to your bottom line.

The Monterey Company team truly enjoys helping our clients. You can contact us with any questions you have, any needed professional advice, and/or to get one or more personalized shortlists so it’s easier for you to make the right promotional choices. Once you become one of our clients, think of us as your Custom Product Partners. This means you can contact us as often as you want and for any reason.

Our experienced and friendly teams of professionals are always willing to help you, no matter what you need. We even assign our clients with their own personal representatives! This prevents our clients from having to repeat themselves, as your personal rep will create a file that allows them to access your information quickly.

We hope you enjoy reading the below case studies!

Custom Scout Patches Case Study – Did you know that you can design your own Girl Scout Patch? Girl Scouts who are celebrating a special accomplishment can design their very own Girl Scout Patch, a perfect way to celebrate their accomplishments.
Cooperstown Trading Pins Case Study – Cooperstown Baseball World reaches out to teams worldwide, offering an opportunity for little leaguers to interact and form bonds with teams from different cultures and countries. One of the main elements? Baseball Trading Pins!
The Disney Pin Trading Tradition – Many people don’t realize that the tradition of collecting and trading Disney Pins didn’t start until 1999 with the Millennium Celebration. We’re happy to announce that Disney has selected The Monterey Company as one of their approved companies to create authentic Disney Lapel Pins, including collectibles. Wow!

The Disney Pin Trading Tradition

A Disney pin trader is a person who collects and trades Disney-themed lapel pins. These pins can feature characters from Disney movies, theme park attractions, special events, and more. Disney pin trading is a popular hobby among Disney fans, and it is an official program at the Disney theme parks where guests can trade pins with cast members and other guests. Disney pin traders often have a specific theme or type of pin that they collect, and may actively seek out new additions to their collection at Disney parks or through other means such as online trading….

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