moscow mule mugIn need of unique promo products? Look no further!

The Monterey Company wants to inspire those who are in need of a little, or a lot! of inspirational ideas to help them make the best promotional product choices. Since we understand how difficult it can be for some companies to choose from the thousands of different promotional items, we invite you to contact our friendly customer service team with any questions you have on the topic of Inspiration.

Every company needs to choose the best promotional products that’ll make their brand stand out above their competition. The trick is making sure you make the right choices. So how do you choose? You can always contact our highly experienced marketing team for free guidance and advice. We can also provide you with a shortlist of items that are a fit for your company brand, making the selection process easier. Cool!

What should you choose to best inspire your recipients?
Choose products that’ll make those who are lucky enough to receive say Wow, Thank You! While Custom Hats, Custom Mugs, and Custom Pens are super popular, we can provide you with a list of custom products that will easily fall in with your marketing plan. How many products should you choose, and how often?
It doesn’t matter if you make your choices once a month, once every three months, once every six months, or once a year, it’s essential for you to make the right marketing choices.

Whether you’re looking for the most unique promotional products, want to produce your own customized jewelry line, design your own trading pins (including blinkies!), and/or create the custom promo items that really make your brand stand out, we can help! We invite you to read our Inspirational Blogs below, as they can help you decide what promotional products are available to best market your exclusive brand.

LED Blinkie Pins

Custom LED Pins LED blinkies to light up your lapel pins Blinking lights, commonly called “blinkies,” have been a popular addition to baseball trading pins for years. They can make a mascot’s eyes look more menacing while calling attention to the pin itself. To create the blinking effect, a small light bulb (called a light-emitting…

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