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The Monterey Company is your source for designing and manufacturing all kinds of promotional products including pins, coins, PVC products, pendants, and custom keychains. We design products using your logo and ideas and our skill in creating outstanding designs. We have lots of great articles and inspiring ideas for your next project.


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printed food container

Unique Promotional Items For 2020

Bring your brand up to date with these new logo items. Well, the secret’s out. In a time where marketing features more ...
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Custom Burnin Man sun Charms

Custom Made Burning Man Pendants

Burning Man Jewelry Excited about Burning Man but need a way to locate your group members? Designing and wearing custom pendant designs ...
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heart cross pins

Custom Saint Pins

Saint pins are a beautiful way to honor Our Lady of Loreto! Many, whether they are Catholic or not, have heard the ...
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trading pins bulldog

Umpire Flipping Coins

Softball Flipping Coins The Rocklin Girls softball team didn’t have finished art, only an idea. They were hosting a tournament called, Piece ...
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blinking light pin attachment

LED Pins & Light Up Lapel Pins

LED blinkies to light up your lapel pins Blinking Light Attachment Blinking lights, commonly called "blinkies," have been a popular addition to ...
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company logo mug

We Have a New Promotional Product Website!

Our new promo product site has thousands of searchable items that can be printed in days with your logo!