Marathons and Running Events

4 Types of Running Races That Give Out Awards Home » Resources Running Events Promote A Healthy Competition A sporting event like a road race is a huge undertaking for both the organizers and the participants. For runners, it’s important to reward the hours spent preparing, the miles spent training and the sweat and determination …

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Types Of Gold 14k vs 18k

Home » Resources What are the different types of gold? You’ve likely heard of karats (k) when referring to how valuable and pure a certain piece of gold is. Gold is ranked in a system wherein 24k gold is 100% pure. Gold jewelry is strengthened with alloys or other metal mixtures (like copper, silver, zinc, …

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Spotting Fake Disney Pins

Fake Disney Pins Home » Resources Here’s are a collection of favorite videos on scrapper pins and how to spot them. Disney has an online shop that shows many of their certified pins that are for sale. This a great site to see real Disney Pins

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History Behind the Flag Pin

The American flag lapel pin is a common sight in the USA. It can be seen on nearly every politician across the country, and often even on people who have no involvement in politics. The exact origin of the flag lapel pin is somewhat difficult to pinpoint, as it has gone through peaks in popularity at different points in time and does not appear to have been introduced until long after standard lapel pins were already in use.

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