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Custom Firefighter Coins

Custom firefighter coins are created from bronze or brass and can include a sculpted 3D look. Made with and without enamel color.

We Have Been Manufacturing Coins For Fire Departments Since 1989

Our expertise sets us apart in making quality products. Not only do we use the best techniques and materials, but we offer the best customer service. With a talented staff at the ready, we can create a logo free of charge in a matter of days, providing a digital proof and unlimited revisions. We are dedicated to producing the finest quality work for our customers. We offer a full line of custom challenge coins as well

We have been creating custom products for law enforcement, and military for over 30 years, and we love working with our customers to create long-lasting memorabilia that serves to honor and commemorate the selfless commitment of our community heroes. Get a free quote today!

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Great Customer Service

Because we are leaders in making custom coins, we have the ability to offer nearly unlimited customization - you choose the materials, size, shape, colors, engraving, finish, plating - you name it, we can do it. We know how valuable your time is, and understand that the process of designing a coin can appear daunting when there are so many possibilities - which is why we provide start to finish customer service to guide you painlessly through the process. With us, creating your product is a fun and easy experience.

Before You Get Started Designing Your Firefighter Coin

There are a couple of things to consider as you get started that will allow the process to go quickly and smoothly! First, be sure you consider the use of your firefighter coins. Your design decisions should be made with this audience in mind. Next, consider the number of pieces you will need. Depending on the audience and quantity, we can help you make the most economical choices that will give you the perfect finished product. Once these things have been considered, you can begin deciding on materials, shapes, sizes and more!

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custom ems coin firefighter
one of the firefighter coins for staion 6

The Materials We Use for Custom Firefighter Coins

We work most often with bronze and brass as they are great for showcasing intricate details and 2D logos. We also use casting to create 3-dimensional pieces that are very cost-effective and lightweight.


  • Made From Solid Bronze Or Brass
  • Casting from Zinc
  • Engraving
  • Diamond-Cut Edges
  • Epoxy Coating to Protect Enamel
  • 3D For A Sculpted Look

Our Firefighter Coins Are Made From Solid Bronze

Plating Options

Plated in gold, silver, bronze, or true black using soft and hard enamel. Depending on your artwork, you can choose a shiny finish or a timeless antique finish. Both of these finishes add a dramatic effect. We most often use copper, bronze, and silver for a classic vintage feel. For shiny finishes, we can use anything from gold to true black plating, adding a brilliance that only we at The Monterey Company can achieve.

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Enamel Coins

Our options include coloring options. Adding enamel can create a vibrant and lively finished product that stands out. We use three different enamels options - soft enamel, hard enamel, and cloisonne - depending on your desired look we can help you choose the proper enamel. We often use soft enamel to fill in the recessed ridges of your design to give it a raised appearance.

Epoxy Finish On Soft Enamel

Epoxy finishes appear to have a glass-like coating that creates a strong protective layer to preserve the image. Epoxy finishes prevent scratches or fading over time.

Choosing the Right Details

custom medic coin

Shape and Size

With over 30 years of experience, we can offer endless ideas for sizing and shapes. Our most popular styles are usually round in shape, from 1.5 to 2 inches. Another popular option is to have your firefighter coins follow the outline of your art, for a custom shaped edge. Once you have an idea of the direction you want to go, one of our artists can work with you to get a proof sent your way within a matter of days!

Adding Texture

Adding texture is one of the best ways to add dimension and detail to your logo. We offer a variety of textures that can be used to achieve amazing images that make a statement. Especially for 2-dimensional styles, texturing is a cost-effective way to add a unique look to your logo. Creating contrast is one of the key factors in design, and texture is one of the best ways to do just that - the texture is what brings your logo to life!

custom firefighter challenge coin
ems custom coin

2-Dimensional vs 3-Dimensional

For a more economical option, 2-dimensional logos are created with two layers work perfectly for silhouettes and text. They are thinner and lighter and can be paired together with enameling and texturing to create a dynamic and beautiful finish. Our 3-dimensional sculpting is best used to depict more detail for images that include nature or people - as they can achieve a sculpted look that can't be matched by a 2-dimensional logo. Depending on your logo you will want to decide between these two varieties, and our expert staff can advise you find the perfect balance so that you don't have to sacrifice quality.

Engraving: For those of you who want to track your firefighter coins using numbers, engraving is a great option. Engraving can also be used to add fine detail to designs that need some extra flair, but don't necessarily want to use a die-striking technique. We also offer rim marking - or engraving the edges.

Special Cut Edges: For those of you who want to track your firefighter coins using numbers, engraving is a great option. Engraving can also be used to add fine detail to designs that need some extra flair, but don't necessarily want to use a die-striking technique. We also offer rim marking - or engraving the edges.

We also make firefighter patches with your department's logo