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Inside Page Featured Image - ArtworkThe Monterey Company offers free artwork. You will receive a professionally designed image within one to two business days (more complex designs can take longer). Our professional designers have many years of experience in the industry and have an excellent understanding of what will work best for you. Send us your simple sketch, or simply speak with one of our customer service representatives to convey your vision and we will transform it into a beautifully crafted lapel pin, coin, medallion, keychain or any number of other products.

Examples Of Artwork: Transform your designs into a unique piece of jewelry

View some of our examples below to see how our customers’ ideas were transformed into elegant lapel pins, coins, medallions, and keychains.

Can I keep my design?

When we produce an image for you (or work with one you have given us) that is used on an order placed with The Monterey Company, you own the design and the image. Moreover, feel free to use the logo in any way you want — in a brochure, on a website or a T-shirt. We are in the business of selling lapel pins, not graphic design services, so any design that is produced and used in the production of any items for your company will belong to you from that point forward. Our graphic design services are completely free with the purchase of custom lapel pins or custom coins. However, if you would like to utilize our services, but do not want to order any items for production, the cost is $75.00 per hour.

We can work with sketches or just a verbal idea that you have in mind. Your designer and salesperson will work with you to create a virtual sample of your product. You can make as many changes/improvements to the design until you are 100 percent satisfied. Once that occurs, and you sign off on the artwork, then you’re ready to create a sample.

Exact color matching is no problem on most of our lapel pins except for cloisonné pins, which are limited to a few hundred rich colors. Many striking designs can be created without the use of color. A die-struck pin can be polished without color and the recessed area of the pin can be sandblasted for a jewelry-like finish. These pins will have a two-tone appearance. Color can be added to portions of the pin to maintain the trueness of a logo. Sandblasting is an excellent way to make your logo stand out. Recessed areas are often color filled on most pins but you should consider the sandblasting option for a rich appearance. Sandblasting can be done on either hard enamel or soft enamel. Gemstones can be added to two-tone pins if you have a special milestone to consider. Another style of a lapel pin to consider is an antique finish lapel pin. Most people refer to these pins as pewter pins. We do offer Pewter Pins, but you may wish to consider a die-struck antique silver or an antique gold finish instead. The recessed areas of antiqued pins are darkened and the raised areas have a shinier appearance. Color is rarely added to antiqued pins, unlike our coins.

Did you Know?
Diamond Cut Edging:

Diamond Cut Edging come in plated and non-plated, which means you can add a different metal finish for the edging then you have for the center design of the coin, or leave them both the same. It gives the variance of color and can do well towards highlighting some design feature in the center of the coin, medallion or keychain, depending on what you choose. Both are incredibly elegant and is a popular design option.

Insights and Ideas!
Diamond Cut Edging Options For Coins, Medallions, and Keychains:

Nothing adds sophistication to a custom coin, medallion or keychain then having the diamond cut edging included in the custom design. As you can see from the images below, the texture and brilliance given to your custom product by such a feature really take it to a whole new level of quality and attractiveness.

Trademark Disclosure:

The Monterey Company, Inc. assumes that its customers have the rights for usage on all trademarked, service marked and/or copyrighted logos and designs sent to us for reproduction. We assume no liability in any trademark, service mark or copyright infringement disputes. The purchaser agrees to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against us or PATENT or COPYRIGHT infringements. The designs displayed on this website are not intended for sale nor do they imply endorsement; they have been reproduced only as examples of the type and quality of products available. We reserve the right to use all pins in our advertising and marketing materials unless otherwise specified in writing at the time of order.

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