Custom Charms Designed With Your Logo

Custom charms and pendants are made by hand with your logo in vibrant enamel colors. We have many kinds of finish options and enamel choices. Send us your design and we will create a unique customized charm for your necklace or bracelet. Custom charms can be made with soft or hard enamel as well as cloisonne. We even offer logo jewelry in sterling silver, silver plating, and gold plating.  

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Logo Charms Made In Days!

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Order Your Customized Charms & Pendants with The Monterey Company!

We make custom shaped charm bracelets with and without enamel color. Our charm bracelets are plated and can be ordered with different attachments. Charm bracelets can be made in about two or three weeks. Rush orders are welcome, but please allow time for the design of your metal charm bracelet.

Solid Silver Charm Jewelry

We offer precious metals including 925 silver and then add semi-precious or synthetic gems to your charm jewelry design. We offer gift boxes every order includes jump rings.  We offer different attachments including charm bracelets, necklace chains and more…

We’ve been making custom-made charms for customers for nearly 30 years. We’re here to help you at every step of the way.

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Styles Include – Hard Enamel & Soft Enamel

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Soft Enamel

Soft enamel color can be added to one or two-sided designs. Soft enamel charms have a raised metal surface and recessed color creating an embossed feel to the surface. Soft enamel pendants can be designed with 2D or 3D and can be plated in gold, silver, copper and antique finishes. Jump rings can also be plated to match.

Hard Enamel

Hard Enamel has a smooth surface similar to cloisonne enamel and logo colors can be matched, unlike cloisonne charms. Hard enamel charms can be plated with any of our standard metal plating including real gold and real silver. Hard enamel designs can be made in any shape or size as well.

3D Designs

There are two ways to make 3D charms and pendants. The first way is to create a die struck a design into bronze, copper or brass. The second way is to 3d cast your design using zinc or pewter. If your design is cast we can still add enamel coloring. However, we normally use a soft enamel instead of hard enamel.

3D Cast

Casting a charm or pendant is done with a mold and designs with smaller cut-outs or tiny section can be made easily by casting using either zinc or pewter. Cast logo charms are also less expensive when ordered in larger quantities. Casting designs can sometimes add an additional week to the production time.

Our Process

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Creative Discovery

We’ll start by making recommendations on the best materials, enamel, sizing and overall look and feel of your design.

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Art Design & Approval

 After brainstorming we create a proof for your review. Once approved, your design is created, enameled and plated.

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After you’ve approved your design, we start manufacturing followed by a prompt delivery!

Custom Pendants Designed with Your Artwork

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Ordering Is Easy

How to Order Custom Enamel Charms

  • First, select the size charm you would like to create.
  • Next, select the enamel style you would like We make charms using hard enamel & soft enamel andcloisonné.
  • After you choose the size and color you would like, decide on the shape and then select a finish for your charm. Our custom charms are made from a bronze metal base and we even offer iron and copper base metals. Plating options include shiny gold, silver, copper, bronze, pewter, or antique finish and satan for a jewelry finish. Your design can be die struck or cast depending on your artwork. 
  • Pricing will depend on the number of charms or pendants you order as well as the size you select. We will help you every step of the way so your project goes smoothly and turns out beautifully. 
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The Monterey Company Is Your Source For Custom Logo Charms

Custom made charms and pendants are as unique as the as the people, groups, and companies who have them made. They’re so versatile, they can be used for many applications. We make metal charms for people and companies who want emblematic jewelry that can include their design and logo. Custom charms can build awareness 

  • Build your brand
  • They can spread awareness for your favorite cause.
  • They can be given out as gifts at your fundraiser.
  • Weddings & Anniversary Gifts
  • Graduations


Custom metal charms are a great way to show support, strength, and unity for any situation in your life. When you order custom logo charms from the Monterey Company, you will have many choices to choose from including sizing, shapes and enamel style including cloisonne. We make suggestions every step of the way. Your design can include gemstones and can be plated any one of our finishes. We can split your order into multiple plating options.  Send us your logo and we’ll create an art proof free of charge. Join the families, organizations, theme parks, universities, hospitals, and political groups who have ordered from us. We can design and make pendants for your camp or village at Burning Man in any of our popular styles. It’s a great way to recognize each other in the crowd. Just send us your ideas, and we’ll design a metal charm for you and your fellow burners to enjoy!

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The Monterey Company Makes Customizable Pendants With Your Logo!

We give all our customers the best quality and value with all of the personalized jewelry we make. You’re also going to love our low prices, fast production times, and top-notch service. We provide world-class design and artwork at no charge for all your custom made charms and bracelets customized pendants. We also have low minimum quantities as well.  We can add gemstones to any of our personalized jewelry design whether it is solid sterling silver, silver plated or gold plated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about ordering, designing, and receiving your enamel custom pendants.

Add Gemstones To Your Design

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Metal Pendants With Gold Plating

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Send Us Your Design For A Free Art Proof

We can even create your charm out of a precious metal and then add semi-precious or synthetic gems to your design. We include jump rings with your shipment, so you can attach your charm to all kinds of things. These include your custom pendant, charm bracelet, necklace, earring, purse, pet collar, keyring, and more! Our minimum order for metal charms is 100 pieces but we are flexible and can accommodate 50 piece orders.

Charm Pricing

Prices are estimated and are based on a simple logo design that includes 6 colors and shiny plating. Setup charges may apply on your first order depending on the quantity you order.