Custom Burning Man Jewelry

Customized charms and pendants with your tribes logo!

Customized Burning Man Logo Designs

Excited about Burning Man but need a way to locate your group members? Designing and wearing custom pendant designs for Burning Man is a fun, creative way to connect with the event. Burning Man pendants can be made with your chosen image, picture, or sentimental words. They also are a great way to remember the events that are about to take place and the people you are about to meet. What's more beautiful than a night in the desert with your friends, new and old.

Burning Man Charms

Custom Burning Man Pendants

If you attend Burning Man every year, you’ll know that each Burning Man is very different. Same goes for custom burning man Jewelry. Important events need important tokens, and burning man pendants are sure to do the job. They are great to collect and to reflect over. They can also be a fun way into the conversation and new friendships. Burning Man is an experience that is hard to replicate and when connections are made, it’s great to have a token you can invest your experience in. Whether you choose to design your Jewelry in rainbow, neon or chrome, they are sure to capture the colorful experience of Burning Man.

Custom Man Jewelry

custom charms hard enamel flower logo Burning Man customized Jewelry are important for many different reasons. They can also be made in many different ways. At the Monterey company, any design works –just like the vibe of your group. They can be made in any shape and with any colors. Another fun thing to add to your Burning Man design are swirls, stripes or you can even have them made in 3D! These charms can have as many colors as you want and as much detail as your group requires. One of the best things about Burning Man jewelry is that you can create your custom design to match the feel of your group! These charms are easy to make exactly how you imagine them.

Custom Burnin Man sun Charms Burning man pendants can be worn long after the event. They are a fun and creative item to add to any outfit and any clothing piece. Whether you wear them on bracelets, hats or around your neck, they add flair to any outfit. These charms stand as much for friendship as they do for memories and will stay in top condition for many years!

Your experience at Burning Man is sure to be one that you will remember for years, but the memories are not the only souvenir you can take from it. How wonderful is it to be able to celebrate the experience of Burning Man. Add to the already exciting adventure of Burning Man and design your own Jewelry today!