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Custom Coin Finish & Texture

One of the most important decisions you will make with regard to your custom coins is the plating style or finish of the item. Your logo may lend itself to a particular plating style (ie: we find that silver works best for logos with a lot of white), or you might choose to use more than one metal finish (we call this “dual plating”) to create a truly spectacular and unique look for your item. Please see the photos below of our available finishes.

Dual Plating on Custom Coins: $0.75

Adding texture to your lapel pin, a coin is an excellent way to add dimension and contrast to your design. And when talking about a design which is rarely larger


than 2″ in diameter, it is easy to understand how essential contrast can be.  Adding texture is an inexpensive way to add another dimension to your custom coin. It works especially well with landscapes that depict nature.

Often our clients will request a design without any color whatsoever. With these types of designs, it is critical to add some texture to distinguish the raised metal areas from the recessed metal areas. Sandblasting is our favorite and most commonly used texture, but we offer fun and distinct options from very fine sandblasting to checkerboard patterns and everything in between. Take a look at the texture wheel to the left to help you decide what might be the perfect enhancement for your lapel pin or coin.

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