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Custom Shaped Coins

Custom shaped coins follow your design. No matter what shape it is, we can make it, even if it includes cut-out areas.

Usually, these custom created coins are struck into brass or bronze and can be cast if the design is predominantly three-dimensional. We can also adjust the thickness from one side to the other, or even make the coin follow an arch. Create a distinct custom coin by using spot epoxy on individual colors, and leave other areas without epoxy.

If you’re looking to create a custom coin that’s handy as well as unique, we can help you design your custom shaped coin to be a bottle opener. Just speak to one of our talented and experienced artists to get started on creating your custom design.


Custom Coins – Options

There are countless options for creating a custom coin. Adding a diamond-cut edge can create the perfect frame for your design. Sequential numbering or engraved names are a great way to personalize each coin. Sandblasting and other textures can transform a simple background into a perfect depiction of a desert landscape or ocean floor.

One of the most important decisions you will make with regard to creating your custom coin is the plating style or finish of the item. Your logo may lend itself to a particular plating style (ie: we find that silver works best for logos with a lot of white), or you might choose to use more than one metal finish (we call this “dual plating”) to create a truly spectacular and unique look for your item.

Custom Plating and 3D

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is about the difference between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional coins and lapel pins. 2D or two-dimensional coins really have two layers—a background and a raised surface—which makes it perfect for a text-only or silhouette piece. But with a 3D (three-dimensional) surface you can add a full range of textures and details that just aren’t possible on a 2D surface. We recommend using 3D custom coins to depict nature scenes, humans and animal figures as it can provide the kind of detail that makes it look almost real.

Dual Plated Coins

Created by adding a secondary metal finish to a coin, dual plated coins are commonly ordered when they require military emblems, three-dimensional areas, and recessed areas. This option is available on any of our custom created coins, and although the application of the additional plating adds a few days to the order, the result is extraordinary.

Adding Texture to Custom Coins

Adding texture to your coin, medallion or keychain is an excellent way to add dimension and contrast to your design. And when talking about a design which is rarely larger than 2″ in diameter, it is easy to understand how essential contrast can be. The texture is an inexpensive way to add another dimension to your custom created coin. It works especially well with landscapes that depict nature.

Often our clients will request a design without any color whatsoever. With these types of designs, it is critical to add some texture to distinguish the raised metal areas from the recessed metal areas. Sandblasting is our favorite and most commonly used texture, but we offer fun and distinct options from very fine sandblasting to checkerboard patterns and everything in between. Take a look at the texture wheel to the left to help you decide what might be the perfect enhancement for your coin.


custom-coins-corporatecoins-gold-raytheonOne of the most important options to be attentive to when picking the design for your custom product is texture. Adding texture to the background and recessed areas can add an amazing dimensionality to your piece. This will give your design the contrast and an inexpensive way to add complexity to your design. It works especially well with landscapes that depict nature.

A design that is typically smaller than 2″ in diameter requires some contrast in order to make the other design elements pop. This is especially true if the custom product has no added color at all. With these types of designs, it is critical to add some texture to distinguish the raised metal areas from the recessed metal areas. Sandblasting is our favorite and most commonly used texture, but we offer other fun and distinct options from very fine sandblasting to checkerboard patterns and everything in between.

Engraving Custom Coins

Custom engraving can be added to coins. Sequential numbers, serial numbers, words, phrases or names. It’s the perfect way to individualize and personalize your custom created coins. In some cases, engraving coins can save you hundreds of dollars in die fees. Be sure to ask the design expert about pricing and options for creating custom engraved coins.

Epoxy Coating

company coins
The official definition of epoxy? A thermosetting resin capable of forming tight cross-linked polymer structures characterized by toughness, strong adhesion, and low shrinkage, used especially in surface coatings and adhesives. Um… Right.

What it is, isn’t as important as what it does for your custom designed coin or medallion. Epoxy gives your piece a smooth glass-like coating that can be applied at varying thicknesses. It makes a coin durable, clean, smooth, protecting the color and metal from fading, scratching, and tarnishing.

We love it because whether it’s a super thin tight fitting layer or piled on thick to create almost a dome over your custom designed coin or medallion, it always makes the design look GOOD. Really good!

Glitter Enamel

Custom finish, texture, attachments, coin boxes… but it’s the bling that gets them every time! These special touches take your design to the next level. Adding bling can heighten visibility, attractiveness, and value to your custom product.

A mixture of colored glitter and paint enamel is added to the recessed areas of your coin and then coated with an epoxy dome to protect the glitter and add a brilliant shine. The glitter sparkles in even the faintest hint of light and adds an extra sparkle to your already shimmering design.

Coin Boxes and Packaging

Enhance your custom coin promotion with an attractive package to present your promotional item. All coins manufactured by The Monterey Company are individually packaged in a clear PVC pouch. However, we do offer a wide variety of other product presentations from printed cards to velvet coin boxes. We can even create custom coin boxes for you, including heat printed leatherette coin boxes. Just let one of our associates know what you have in mind, and we will work with you to create the perfect custom packaging option.

Coin Attachments

Custom coins can be turned into a keychain without destroying the integrity of the coin by adding a unique keychain attachment. The attachment, available with magnetic, or screw-top closure is a great way to keep your coin with you at all times. We can also turn your coin into a keychain by adding a permanent loop attachment and any choice of keychain closures. Some customers have even added a money clip attached to their custom coins. The options are limitless.

Ready to order? Step one is to contact us and we will provide you with a quote for your custom coin and we will also create a proof for your approval.

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