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Biker Pins

Don’t let our professional, corporate appearance fool you—we can design the perfect pin for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts! We’re a company that understands the need for freedom and adventure, and nothing provides that like riding an open road.

Looking for custom biker pins?

Biker and motorcycle lapel pins, and our “Born to Ride” specialty pins have been one of our best-known specialty items since our company’s beginnings. We have created some of the most interesting and popular motorcycle pins for various clubs, conventions, rides, and businesses in the nation. Superior quality, professional-grade, superb artwork, excellent results: These are just two of the many details that make our pins the right choice for your needs, and will help strengthen your group’s notoriety and brand image.

Motorcycle pins for your Biker Company

printed lapel pin for motorcycle club

Biker-specific businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from mechanic shops to part-specialists, to clothing brands, and catch-all companies alike. But coming up with practical promotional pieces for yourspecific company can be tricky. Because bikers are always on the move, and being in motion means motorcycle products have to withstand the elements, just like the cyclists that use them, any old promotional product simply won’t do. This is why pins are the perfect way to connect with your business’ audience, personalized with your unique brand or logo artwork. These durable, weather-resistant pieces are strong enough to pierce leather or other tough material and will remain secure even when braced against the open road. Explore double-back and extra tough magnetic backed pins for the security you can trust when your customers need it the most.

Give your favorite customers a way to show off their business with you, promote an upcoming ride or event, or come up with a catchy piece to sell at your shop. Whatever the use your custom biker pin will have, your customers will love the unique design crafted with their aesthetic in mind, and an opportunity to ride in style, while promoting a business or service they love.

Biker Pin Styles

The American Motorcyclist Association is a nonprofit organization whose cause is to protect and further motorcyclist's legal rights and bring its more than 200,000 members together for riding events and fundraisers. At the Monterey Company, we make association pins for events, fundraisers, and organized rides. These pins range from general AMA logo printed pins to scenes and slogans, like those with the signature phrase, "Protect the future of motorcycling," and can be customized with details unique to your needs.

soft enamel winged lapel pin

Military and Veteran Clubs and Associations are some of the largest and most active MCs today. The Monterey Company offers club pins, designed with the logos, slogans, and patriotic insignia perfect for bike enthusiasts from all branches of the military, for active members and retired veterans alike.

Law Enforcement Clubs are organizations of motorcycle enthusiasts comprised of those who previously served in or are currently serving in law enforcement. Custom Law Enforcement Club pins can be made for rides and events, or to demonstrate allegiance to LEMCs and the causes they care about.

Motorcycle Lapel Pin

Custom Biker and Motorcycle Pins

Most people don’t understand the appeal of the lifestyle, exposing yourself to the elements, susceptible to rain, bugs, other drivers, and cold temperatures. They’ve never felt the wind rushing past their face or the buzz of the bike below them as the pavement below them zips by. They don’t get the camaraderie within the riding community and haven’t experienced the absolute freedom riding a motorcycle encourages. Most people might not understand the appeal of a biker life, but at The Monterey Company, we do. We understand that riding a motorcycle is so much more than a hobby. We get that it’s a way of life.

This is why we make custom biker pins to connect you to other people who understand the biker lifestyle as much as you do. Personalized to capture the spirit of the open road and the members of your group, our pins are built to thrive in the elements as well as do. They are made from durable materials, perfect for your bags, coats, hats, and other apparel. Customize your pin today!

motorcycle custom lapel pins full-color-printed-rally-pin

Motorcycle Pins

The tough motorcycle gangs of the 60s have made way to motorcycle clubs, that are friendly, freewheeling, and often promote charitable events.

The Redwood Riders, Road Queens, Over the Hill Gang, Chrome Divas, Motorcycle Ministry and Bikers Against Child Abuse are some of the club names listed on the web.

Many of these clubs host motorcycle rallies during the spring and fall (peak times for cooler riding weather) and donate the proceeds to their favorite charities.

They create their special rally lapel pins with the help of the designers at The Monterey Company. Many organizers have found that lapel pins are preferred over biker T-shirts. "I've got a million T-shirts, but I can put a lot of pins on my jacket or vest, and keep them there all year," said one customer.

Our custom biker pins are made to order!

Bikers and riders like to collect the pins as a status symbol. Some clubs change their lapel pin design, while others prefer to keep the same design, but only change the year.

Some of the more popular images include a silhouette of a motorcycle, a chopper, a hog, their home state and name of the club in brushed metal letters.

One popular lapel pin depicted a Santa Claus riding a motorcycle with a bag of toys on the back. The rally was held during the holidays each year, and the money raised went to the "Toys for Tots" charity.

Let us help you design your club's next design. All you need is a photo or an idea, and we can take it from there!


motorcycle-wings-company-pin Can you engrave the motorcycle pins?
Yes, for an additional charge, we can engrave the back of the pin with a small logo, message or date.

Can you match my club logo colors?
We can match your logo colors. The exception is our cloisonné pins, as they are limited to a few hundred rich colors.

How do pins attach to jacket? What about leather jackets or helmets?
The most common fastener for our pins is the post and clutch fastening, which pushes through clothing. If you prefer a fastener that does not pierce clothing, we can provide a magnet for an additional charge.

What are lapel pins made out of?
You can choose from copper, bronze or iron. The magnet fastener requires the pin to be made from iron in order to create a powerful hold.