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Stock Pins

We always encourage our customers to take advantage of our creative services to create the perfect pin for their need. But sometimes exactly what you need is already made, available and ready to ship in less than half the time of ordering a specialty pin.

Are you looking for stock pins?

Stock pins are premade that are already designed and ready to ship, saving you time and energy in the ordering process. The designs being offered are a selection of popular symbols, shapes, and styles, offering a wide assortment from which you can choose. Ordering from stock designs is a cost-effective, fast option for your business, organization, or event.

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In Stock and Ready to Ship

When you need to order fast, selecting your perfect stock pin can be done by giving us a call and decide if creating your own design, we will work out better than ordering stock pins. With a large selection of premade stock designs, your order can be shipped out as soon as you place your order. Because we understand, sometimes you don't have time to wait.

We carry stock pins that are ready to ship to you the same day. Do you need a simple and quick holiday giveaway? Or perhaps you have just opened a business and need to promote it? Because they don't require the services of our design team, these stock lapel pins have a minimal time investment and are ready to ship as soon as you place an order. This also means they fit into many budgets!

Wholesale American Flag Pins

American flags are the most iconic symbols in America, and American flag pin designs are a great way to celebrate our history and heritage. Gift them on American holidays or to volunteers of your patriotic cause. The Monterey Company offers wholesale stock American Flag pins with classic designs that are premade and ready to ship as soon as you put in an order.

labor day lapel pins

Labor Day Pins

No need to labor for these Labor Day pins. In fact, they make it easy to celebrate this awesome holiday. Whether you are a great boss or an event organizer, these pins are the perfect ode to all that is good in the world. And by good, I mean hard workers. Because to be honest, hard workers are what make our lives easy and society thrive. Through time and effort, the laborers of our nation have built walls, laws and even life. If you enjoy your smartphone, the food in your fridge or even the clothing you wear, you have a worker to thank. What better way to celebrate them than with Labor Day pins that show employees and workers how much they mean to you?

Underneath all this fun, however, is a long and rich history. Labor Day was created in 1882 by the New York City Central Labor Union. They celebrated Labor Day 2 years in a row before similar organizations in other cities were encouraged to follow the example of New York and recognize the 'workingmen's holiday." The idea spread and in 1886 legislation was passed recognizing the day as a national holiday.

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Stock Lapel Pins Instead of Creating a Pin From Scratch

The Monterey Company stocks pins in different styles. Our stock styles range from ¾" to 7/8" in size. Stock lapel pins can be shipped within 24 hours as long as we have stock. We also offer a line of rush order products that can be made in a few days as well.

Ready to order? Step one is to contact us and we will provide you with a quote for your stock pins and we will also create a proof for your approval!

Below you can view a selection of stock pins for your every need and desire. From a simple star that symbolizes excellence to good luck emblems, our pin gallery that offers you an idea of the assortment that we proudly present. The Monterey Company makes products for nearly every occasion and purpose imaginable.

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custom alligator pins and earrings
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Stock American Flag Pins

star shaped flag pins
US Flag lapel pin
Patriotic flag charm
patriotic flag lapel pin with September 11
religious pins

Religious Pins

Custom religious pins are designed using an insignia or emblem. Made using a bronze or iron base metal and plated in gold or silver plating.

Custom Made Religious Pins

Many churches and organizations choose to celebrate their faith through pins. For many years, the Monterey Company has been creating top quality religious pin designs for churches nationwide. They make ideal gifts for a congregation or group that can help strengthen its sense of unity and spirit when worn on clothing or displayed in buildings throughout an organization's grounds. Our creative designers are ready to work with you by providing design ideas from non-denominational, Catholic, Jewish Christian designs all the way down to other religions such as Buddhist Pins if your church doesn't want anything too specific made just yet!

Popular Symbols for Custom Christian Pins and More

Crosses and Crucifixes, these pins are customizable in size, dimension, material, and detail. Achieve antique finishes with an Antique Pewter finish or a more contemporary Matte Finish. Ichthys or Fish depicted through simple linework designs that range from traditional to modern two-dimensional pieces of art for any occasion. Doves have been created as realistic 3D sculptures made from metal clay representing the most important symbols including Peace Dove - symbolizing unity among religions; Noah's Ark dove - signifying hope after disaster; Angel of Hope symbolic representation is inspiring us all to never give up on ourselves so we can better serve others! The Star Of David has also been designed into beautiful pin artwork by using clean line work representations.

Common Non-Western Religious Styles

  • Hamsa, often designed with beautiful colors and raised linework, these pins are typically die struck and have a striking aesthetic.
  • Buddhist Mandala, these designs best depicted in 2 dimensions, with simple color schemes.
  • Chinese Yin and Yang, represented well in printed or 2-dimensional styles, this design lends itself well to bold colors or varied textures and finishes.
  • Islam Star and Crescent, this design is often represented in printed pins but looks great in both two and three-dimensional designs.
  • Hindu Om, a design beautifully represented in die-casting and three dimensions.

Pins for Your Church Group or Retreat

Religion has always been about bringing people together to find community in a shared belief. It’s about connection, discussion, learning, and growing together, unified under your doctrine and institution. Church groups are made and gather for many reasons, often revolving around these ideas of togetherness and community.

Custom Religious pins are a great way to demonstrate your affiliation within such a group, making stronger connections with the people inside your church community. Use your church or denomination’s insignia, adding special and personalized touches unique to your group. Use engraving to specify the name and year of membership, creating collectibles and talking pieces, like “Women’s Chapter 2019,” or “Youth Group 2017-2019.”

Church Pins are also the perfect way to commemorate a trip or retreat, acting both as tokens of participation and as identification aids at the event itself. Find members of your group within a crowd by wearing your custom pieces on your lapel or attached to your bags and packs. And through custom designs capturing the spirit of your group and the event you’re attending, your group will stand out in a fun and functional way!

Custom Faith Pin

Who wears religious pins?

There are many churches and spiritual groups who want to spread their word, but here’s a short list of some of the organizations that order from us frequently: Christian Churches. Mormon Church. Jewish temples and Chabad branches for people practicing Judaism in North America or around the world - like those looking for an orthodox synagogue near me! Catholic cathedrals and church members with less traditional beliefs such as Catholics involved in Sacred Liturgy (sacred liturgies). Non-western Christians including Orthodox believers living outside Western Europe or anyone interested on Eastern Christianity worshiping at Greek Orthodox parishes located across Canada! Youth ministries, pastors, priests,, rabbis – all leaders within faith communities where they preach about their faith.

Custom Ameican Flag Pins & Their History

If you are looking for a great way to show your patriotism, consider custom flag lapel pins. They're easy to make and can be customized with any design or wording that you want!

american flag
US Flag lapel pin

The Origin of American Flag Pins

Custom American flag pins are a common sight in the USA. It can be seen on nearly every politician across the country, and often even on people who have no involvement in politics. The exact origin of the American flag lapel pin is somewhat difficult to pinpoint, as it has gone through peaks in popularity at different points in time and does not appear to have been introduced until long after standard lapel pins were already in use.

star shaped flag pins custom american flag pins with yellow ribbon

The American Flag Pin Has Been a Symbol Since the 1700's

An even more common sight than flag lapel pins, the American flag is cherished by citizens as a symbol of all that this country stands for? liberty, equality, social mobility, etc. A drive through any neighborhood will turn up at least one house flying the flag. It is a tradition that goes back to the founding of the USA. Or so many people believe. In fact, America's love affair with their flag did not begin uymbolntil much later.

In the popular imagination, during the Revolutionary War, the stars and stripes were proudly displayed by all American rebels, whether decorating George Washington's boat while crossing the Delaware (which occurred before that flag design was even adopted) or flapping in the breeze in front of various storefronts. These types of images are all very unlikely.

Few private citizens owned flags at this time. For the most part, only military and government institutions owned flags. Furthermore, the design of stars and stripes was not settled on until 1777. Before then a variety of flags that would be unrecognizable today were used to represent the rebelling colonies. For instance, at the battle of Bunker Hill, Americans flew the New England Flag, which featured a blue background and a white field in the upper-left corner divided by the red cross of St. George. The stars and stripes flag first came into widespread usage among citizens during the Civil War. Confederates won many of the early battles of the Civil War, leading Northerners to fly the flag as a sign of both pride and solidarity.

cloisonne pins

Evolution of Flag Pins

Interestingly, the lapel pin came out around the same time that average citizens started flying the flag as a symbol of patriotism. Despite the proximity of the two developments, however, the lapel pin was not emblazoned with an image of the flag or used by ordinary citizens. The lapel pin was originally conceived during the Civil War as a means of distinguishing different units. This organizational marker had an unintended effect, though it increased solidarity among members of the same unit by outfitting them with a distinct symbol that represented only their unit.

Lapel pins were still in use during World War I, but their function changed. Rather than being given out to all military personnel as a means of identifying units, they were granted only to certain individuals as a means of distinguishing them for their service. This was the dawn of lapel pins being used as an award to honor those with distinguished records. This use of lapel pins is still practiced today.

Today lapel pins have been adopted by many types of organizations, inspired by the use of custom military pins. Fraternities and sororities use lapel pins as the main symbol for their groups. Schools hand out Custom American flag pins as an award to students for various categories, from academic achievements to extra-curricular activities. By far their most prominent use, however, is among politicians, which leads us to our next point.

custom presidential pins

Lapel Pins and Politics

The flag lapel pin first reached its current prominence during the cultural wars between the ?counterculture' and ?silent majority' of the 1960s and ?70s. Some anti-Vietnam protestors adopted the use of the flag as an image, such as Abbie Hoffmann, who donned a shirt made out of an American flag, and other protestors who sewed the flag to the seat of their pants. As a response, many Republican politicians began wearing American flag lapels. It became ingrained in the public's mind when Richard Nixon began wearing the flag lapel pin and demanded that all of his aides do so as well, inspired by the Robert Redford movie, The Candidate.

political lapel pin

The lapel pin's popularity has gone through a couple of spikes since. They sold very well during the Gulf War but then disappeared for a while. They are still important symbols of patriotism, as demonstrated by recent events. After 9/11, George W. Bush, probably inspired by Nixon, began wearing an American flag pin and requested all his aides do so also. A large number of Fox News anchors followed suit, along with politicians across the country (Republican and Democrat alike). In a highly controversial move, ABC prohibited its reporters and anchors from wearing the flag lapel pins, citing a desire to maintain its perception as an objective source of information as well as concerns about the safety of its reporters (claiming that sporting the American flag could cause reporters to be perceived as mouthpieces for the American government, which could place American reporters in foreign countries in serious danger). It should be noted that the ban on American flag lapel pins was already in place long before the sudden surge in the popularity of American flag lapel pins.

The lapel pin went through its most recent media blitz during the 2008 presidential race, when debate moderator Charlie Gibson asked then-contender Barack Obama why he was not wearing a flag lapel pin. He responded that he felt a person's patriotism should be expressed through their actions rather than what they are wearing. The issue became so controversial that Obama resumed wearing the lapel pin shortly thereafter. Since then, he can now be seen donning custom American flag pins every day.

What Kind of Stock Pins Do We Stock?

Stock Airplane Pins

Available in silver or gold plating we have everything from jetliners to various fighter jets.

Holiday Pins

'Tis the season…look through our Stock Holiday Symbols for some last minute holiday gifts or retail items. Available in silver or gold we have everything from holly and mistletoe to Santa Claus himself.

Kids Pins

Browse through our children-themed stock lapel pins. Available in silver or gold, we have everything from bicycles to baby blocks and shoes. 

Religious Pins

Silver or gold stock religious images for that classic look of sophistication, we present you with a collection of varied pieces that profoundly symbolize your faith.

Travel Pins

By whichever means you travel, we have the pin that catches your method. Not to say that you often travel by pirate ship or submarine, but we have created stock pin designs in gold or silver in the off chance that you do. Our spread ranges from classic locomotive trains to canoes and sailboats. Feel free to browse through our gallery.

Dinosaur Pins

For the child who loves dinosaurs, the T. rex is without a doubt number one from the Triassic period.

Dog Pins

If not a fan of cats, you must be a trusted admirer of man's best friend. From the pudgy bulldog to the pristine poodle, we offer you a selection of man's most loyal companion.

Fish Pins

We offer you a variety of stock fish lapel pins for your choosing.  Though not always the most chatty of characters, fish are a childhood must have that is matched perhaps only by the humble hamster.

Food Pins

Why not a pin that marks your signature sweet tooth? For the baker, we offer specialty shaped in your favorite sweet, and for the chef, we have sculpted stock designs into awesome looking creations. Our stock pins can be ordered and delivered in days. Please give us a call to check our current inventory on our food pins. If you do not see a style that appeals to you, please give us a call and we can design a specialty pin.

Plants & Flower Pins

Our gallery offers to the gardener who has a passion for flora, a selection of engaging stock plant and flower lapel pins that catch the eye. Whether you are involved in environmental preservation, or simply love the beauty nature has to offer, a pin that captures your favorite flower or plant truly speaks that splendor. T

Illustrate any biennial beautifully with Stock Flower and Plant Pins. These pins are crafted by hand and are great for events or any occasion. With many options, such as 3D flower and plant pins are made to look as life-like. We use only high-quality metals and materials to create beautiful silver and gold flower pins that can be cherished for years. If you are looking for a flower lapel pin, our artists will help you create the perfect design for your flower and plant design.

Insect Pins

From the wings of a ladybug to the webs of a spider, you can't help but get caught in our collection of stock pins shaped like your favorite insect.

Pins with Cut-outs

Our selection of cut-out designs is intended to meet your every sentiment. Whether you are looking for designs with words of encouragement or words of praise, we have it all. In addition, we feature a variety of single symbols that sum up a phrase or meaning in one simple silver or gold lapel pin.

Sport Pins

From ballet to baseball, skiing to archery, our lapel pins in silver or gold capture the essence of your most beloved pastime. The perfect selection to encourage a team or club. Our lapel pins are carefully crafted to display your devotion and passion for a specific sport or hobby. 

Tool Pins

For the man attending the "honey-do" list at home, or the painstaking manual labor worker, our gallery of lapel pins below showcases a variety of tools that capture your efforts.

Fork, Spoons, and Knives

Those with culinary skills and a taste for the craft of cooking might find themselves properly suited to our stock utensils lapel pins. Have a look through our utensil lapel pins gallery to find whichever instrument best suits your craft in the kitchen.

Western & Cowboy Hat Pins

Cowboy hat pins are classic accessories for western-style headwear and attire. They are small and elegant, often representing an iconic western theme, like the Texas longhorn skull or a simple horseshoe. They are typically cast, creating three-dimensional products with realistic detail and gold, silver, or bronze plating finishes, matching the quality and aesthetic of traditional western hats.

Western Style Pins for your event
Themed stock pins for cowboy hats and western attire are the perfect items for your Western-inspired event or cause. Rodeos, horse races, shootouts and more bring people together over the love and lifestyle of the Wild West, and act as souvenirs, are used for volunteer "thank you's," recognize participation, and can be used to raise money.

Classic styles include designs of animals such as horses, bulls, bison, eagles, and more. These animals are often cast, capturing the intricacies of their three dimensions, and are plated, achieving a simple, striking effect.

Other popular western-themed styles include cowboy hats and boots, horseshoes, rodeo scenes and lassos, spurs, landscapes, and more. These styles are perfect for cowboys and wild west enthusiasts everywhere.

Music Pins

Music-themed designs are perfect for awarding participants at choir competitions, choral festivals, and musical performances. They are designed in classic shapes, like music notes and clefs, and often display a school, club, or organization's name or logo. Choir awards can be used to recognize outstanding performances, to commemorate an exceptional year, or to celebrate victories in competitions.

Musical Instrument Lapel Pins
Sought after by bands, choirs, theater departments, and music-enthusiasts alike, musical instrument designs can be created to depict your favorite instrument or music-themed design. Represent various orchestral sections with three-dimensional replicas of instruments, award first chair members for their dedication with commemorative pieces, or create pins with your group's logo to promote a concert or event.

Orchestra Pins
Orchestras pins are designed with musical themes and are used to celebrate lifelong participation in music. They are awarded in the school-aged program and university-level and professional orchestras. They celebrate years of involvement and recognize significant achievements, like making the first chair.

Music Festival Hat Pins
Collecting commemorative pieces, like festival hat pins, is a favorite part of a regular music festival goers' experience. They often represent a particular festival and year of attendance and can be traded with other music festival pin collectors from festivals around the world.