Best Custom Hat Brands Made With
Your Logo

custom charms hard enamel flower logo What Is The Best Custom Hat Style To Add Your Logo To?

You might think that in order to customize hats with your logo or brand you have to sacrifice the styles you love, choosing from a few cookie-cutter options to capture the spirit of your company. But, at the Monterey Company, we have all your favorite hat brands and styles, with a nearly endless selection of customization options, ensuring you get exactly the product you're looking for.

From popular brand names like Richardson Sports, Fahrenheit Headwear, Outdoor Cap, and Otto Cap, to hats of all shapes, materials, and sizes, your personalized hats can perfectly fit you and your target audience's style. And, by working with a professional designer, your unique brand can be reflected in the best, most cohesive way.

When selecting your favorite style, consider who will be wearing your hats, and the shape, material, and fit that represents your business or brand's aesthetic. Choose from seasonal hats, like beanies or bucket hats, or year-round favorites, like baseball hats, trucker hats, dad hats, snapbacks and more, and customize them with your name or unique logo. We'll take your ideas and transform them into beautiful, wearable pieces in your favorite brands and styles, perfect for everyday life.

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Popular Hat Brands That Offer Customization

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your favorite brands to create the best-customized hat for your business, event, or cause. The most popular styles have the shape, fit, and feel you know, and the reputation you trust. Because investing in personalized headwear is just that - an investment. But putting your resources into a product you love, in the hands of a team that is skilled at what they do, is a sure way for that investment to pay off.

From outdoors and sporty brands like Richardson Sports and Outdoor cap to premium or time-tested brands like Otto Cap and Fahrenheit headwear, The Monterey Company has the selection you need to customize how you want. Add your logo, message, or business name with embroidery, patchwork, or screen printing, and create the perfect look for your unique endeavors. Combining the styles you love with the brands you can trust, we've got you covered.

custom logo charms with yellow enamel

Flexfit Hats

Flexfit Hats combine classic style with contemporary technology, creating a cool look and comfortable fit that makes them some of the most popular styles for customization. with fabric paneling extending all the way around the cap, there is ample room for your logo or message to be incorporated anywhere on the hat.

This style is called "flex-fit" for its patented technology, for which light spandex is woven into the material around the headband, and also into the crown of the hat, ensuring a perfect, comfortable fit for the cap. This incorporated spandex also allows for the hat to omit the adjustable head strap, without sacrificing the look of standard fabric. It keeps your head cool and dry, and assists in moisture-wicking, making it a great option for everybody. From the casual weekend wearer to a sports team aficionado, Flexfit hats just might be your promotion's perfect fit.

Fahrenheit Headwear

For a company that is known for doing it all, boasting premium quality for the wide range of styles, shapes, and fits, Fahrenheit Headwear is a brand you can trust. By incorporating your logo or design into the cap through embroidery or custom patches, you're creating a product that is built to make an impression and built to last. Choose from the Fahrenheit Headwear collection of hats, caps, and beanies, customizing your favorite style with the Monterey Company team you can trust. Our skilled professions and a team of artists and designers will help you seamlessly incorporate your design with the aesthetic of a Fahrenheit hat.

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Outdoor Cap

If you're looking to add your custom logo or business name to a premium cap and hat brand that has stood the test of time, look no further than Outdoor Cap. Making high-quality hats for your promotional needs for over forty years, Outdoor Cap hats make the perfect backdrops for your unique designs. The durability, clean composition, and quality materials in their caps generate universal appeal, making them a great brand for a wide variety of wearers. From outdoor enthusiasts to comfort seekers alike, Outdoor Cap has the bases you need for your business or brand to reach the larger audiences you deserve.

Otto Cap

Build amazing promotional pieces by using the Monterey Company to add your custom logo or name to a premium Otto Cap. The Otto Cap company has been crafting quality hats of all styles and varieties for 50 years, making them an industry-leading brand you can trust. Work with a Monterey Company artist to develop a design that incorporates your unique aesthetic into the Otto Cap style of your choice. Through embroidery, custom patches, or tags, you can create personalized headwear that your employees, your clients, and your event-goers will love to wear.