lapel pin attachments

Lapel Pin Backings

At The Monterey Company, we provide high-quality lapel pin backings and attachments. With nearly 30 years of experience, we can help you pick the best options. They are visually stunning, functional, durable, and long-lasting.

Choosing the right pin fasteners

There are many different kinds of pins. These include custom pins and offset printed pins. We could talk about them all day, but a good pin doesn't have as much merit without good attachments. Having poor fasteners is like running without shoes. You can do it, but it's much more enjoyable if you can protect your feet with a good set of sneakers that fit well. So let's dig deeper into the different types of fasteners.

Two Screw Back Pin Attachment

Nut & Bolt Attachment

blinking light pin attachment

Blinking Light Pins

custom pin with loops connecting second lapel pin

Secondary Pin

rubber clutches

Rubber Clutches

Convenient, Cheap and Comfortable
A rubber clutches are a convenient attachment and comfortable to wear. It's made of an eco-friendly black or yellow rubber or plastic. This material is much easier to grip when putting them on or taking it off. The rubber cap is used the same as the butterfly clutch. It clamps a small prick needle in place to keep everything secure. They are locked by friction. Although it doesn't have a lock design, it can be more convenient to wear. It won't scratch or rub against your skin or other clothing material.

deluxe flat clutch pin attachment in gold

Butterfly Clutch or Military Clutch

Affordable and Easy
First, we have the traditional style of butterfly clutch or military clutch. They are affordable and easy to take on and off. This classic clutch uses a needle to keep them in place. Available in a variety of sizes with multiple needle options, we can change the plating according to your design.

Flat Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutches

Classy and Professional
Deluxe clutches are on the pricier side. But, they're well worth it with the classy and professional look they provide. They are high-quality with a terrific texture. This attachment has a small push and pull spring inside that locks in. Once they're in attached, they hold tightly on any application. In fact, this backing can even lock in tighter when it's pulled on. This option gives you the most security to keep things secure.

The butterfly clutch is best used for clothing, especially uniforms with thin but heavier materials. This includes a military or police uniform. Avoid using them on areas where it might catch and damage your clothing. To apply them pinch the circlips to allow the two parts to separate. Then, you'll insert the needle (or needles) into the front side of the fabric in which you'll be wearing. Carefully, re-attach the clutch on the backside of the item and it's ready for use. Although the head of the needle is sharp, it's safely covered during use.

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See All Pins

We have a wide selection of lapel pins, from soft enamel and hard-enamel. We offer the most popular styles in our gallery for you to choose from.

lapel pin with magnet attachment

Magnet Backings

Magnet backings provide a strong and sleek look. Of all the pin options, this one is the safest and easiest to apply. It's great for clothes such as an office tie or a work shirt. It works best when applied to thinner types of materials. This creates a strong magnetic attraction.

lapel pin attachment with two magnets

Double Bar Magnet Backs For Extra Strength: We offer a few types of metal and magnetic pins that vary in magnetism to meet the strength needed to retain things in place. To use them, simply put the bar with a round magnet to the back of the material you want it on. Then, put them with the round magnet on the front of your material. It will gently click in place to keep them secure. It's easy to take on and off. And no holes are created, making it great for items that need the most preservation. This option is ideal for a safe, easy, quick, and hole-free option.

lapel pin safety pin back attchment

Safety Pin Backing

Safety Pins are more stable than a rubber cap and a butterfly clutch. Although you have to be careful attaching it, once it's on it will stay in place securely. To attach them to your clothing or other material, simply prick two holes to insert them through. Then, attach the back clasp and turn the clasp to a closed position. This style is widely popular and can get a bigger logo or longer message across to viewers. It's ideal for making your brand, business, or product really pop.


Stickpin Backs

Delicate and Decorative
The stickpin is used as a decorative neckwear attachment. It's also known as a tie pin. It was originally used by English gentlemen that wanted to display their wealthy status. They are straight with a delicate and decorative headpiece on top. Its purpose is to hold a necktie. Nowadays they are worn by anyone. It's often worn for an ornamental purpose on the lapel of a jacket or suit. To attach them, simply remove the cap on the bottom and insert them through your clothing. Re-attach the cap to secure it.

Pin Back Cards

When it comes to customizing Backer Cards to promote your business, you’ll need to choose a size, type, and thickness of the paper used to create the Cards. Keep in mind the size of the products you’re promoting when choosing the size of your Backer Cards. Since you’re interested in choosing Lapel Pin Backer Cards, you want to be sure the size of your Cards allow your customized company pins to easily stand out.

You’ll have many choices when it comes to choosing the type and thickness of the paper used to create your customized Backer Cards. It’s important to make the right choices, as these Backer Cards are going to represent your company. Things to consider – What type of words do you use to describe your company? Classy? Minimalistic? Rustic? Edgy? Luxury? If you’re not sure which type of paper you should choose, or how thick your paper should be, know that we can offer you the professional advice you need to take the next step.

custom pin backer card

Lapel Pin Backer Cards are used to add a professional touch to your products. This means when you choose to use them to create attractive packages to promote the products you’re currently selling, you’re doing what’s necessary to differentiate your company. These promotional product cards are simply a perfect way for you to promote your company’s lapel pins and are placed behind your packaged products to provide your customers with more information about your business.

Attachment Pricing

Rubber Clutch included
Butterfly clutch included
Additional post .15 each
Safety Pin Back .35 each
Single Strong Magnet Back .45 each
Magnet Bar with two magnets.45 each
Flat Deluxe Clutch .40 each
Jewelry Clutch .45 each
Screw Back .70 each

Tie Tack .40 each
Tie Tack with chain .50
7mm locking pin back 1.30 each
Stickpin .35 each
Stick Pin .35 each
Adhesive back .40 to 1.20
Tie Clip 1.00 each
Back Loop .50 each

Stainless Hypoallergenic Earring Posts 1.10 per pair
Cufflinks 2.00 per pair
Money Clip 1.50
Charm Lobster Claw .35
Keychain .50 each
Zipper Pulls .35 each

Bulk Rubber clutch or Butterfly Clutches
Black & other colors
50 pcs - $12.00
100 pcs - $20.00
250 pcs - $45.00
500 pcs - $75.00
1000 pcs - $140.00
2500 pcs - $325.00