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Awareness Pins

We make awareness pins for non-profit organizations and companies looking to create recognition for events and causes. Even though everyone loves a parade, it's not the only way to promote your cause.

Custom Ribbon Pins

Ribbon pins are designed to draw attention to a particular event or cause. They typically display an identifiable logo or brand and are often associated with a recognizable organization. Popular examples of the various colors that are related to different issues.

Why are they used for raising awareness? Because people have grown to associate ribbons as representations of various causes, continuing the tradition of using promotional products to get people interested and involved in your movement is easy. When people sport the logo or motto of your organization on their shirts, jackets, hats, and bags, they are expanding the reach of your cause with each person they come into contact with. This exposure, the conversations they start, and the tradition of raising awareness, make these items the perfect promotion for your cause.

Custom ribbon pins are the most popular style, with decades of tradition making the classic ribbon design on of the most recognizable features. They can be customized with personal inscriptions, slogans, and mottos, adding touches unique to your experience or cause. Start creating conversations and generating traction around the things you care about through custom design. /custom-lapel-pins/gallery view our pin gallery.

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Awareness Pins Designed With Your Logo

It can be easier than you thought-surely you've heard the phrase "They wear their heart on their sleeve" A simple way to educate those around you about your cause is to add a symbol to their clothing as a way to spark dialogue and show support for their cause. It has been so effective, in fact, that every color of the rainbow (and sometimes combinations of colors) has been adopted for use by a charity organization.

We have created thousands of different customized designs for our customers over the years, and no two have ever been alike. Many of our customers have used just the symbol with the appropriate color for their cause, and others have used this design along with text or logos. Both ways allow the organization to benefit from the universal understanding of the ribbon, the colors and their meaning, all while adding their own message.

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Ribbon pins can be made in any color you need and are small, simple, elegant and much more durable and environmentally friendly. We create an eye-catching and economical symbol that will become a long-lasting symbol of your organization. Years from now, they can even become collectible! It's one of our favorite styles to make, as we get to support fundraising and increase recognition for the most important issues in our world today. And to be as supportive as we can to these organizations, we provide an inventory of symbols for different causes. These are easy to order, can be delivered quickly and are extremely well priced-but our designers are always on standby in case a custom design is needed.

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Cancer Awareness Pins

Corporations, churches, special interest groups, hospitals, professional associations and schools across the country organize fundraisers by having cancer awareness pins made that convey their message. The beauty of these items is that they are wearable and are great ways to promote events to help organizations and individuals. Breast cancer awareness is a perfect example of how these products can help contribute to helping those who are battling through tough times.

Custom Awareness Ribbon Pins

When you've made it your job to generate awareness around a cause that connects people to resources, makes your community better, provides aid to those in need, and so much more, you don't need anything standing in your way - especially your promotional products. Creating this awareness means focused campaigns, spreading information, hosting events, and rallying around your cause. But, with the help of the Monterey Company, you can check one item off of your to-do list: Finding effective, high-quality awareness ribbon pins that capture the spirit of your event or cause.

Our graphic designers and artists are seasoned professionals, skilled at collaborating with everyone from campaign and promotional managers to volunteers with big ideas. They draw from their years of experience and the inspiration of your direction, crafting beautiful pieces that evoke emotion and encourage participation. Or, if you already have a design in mind, we can simply bring it to life, storing it in our system for easy reordering. Raising awareness is an incredible endeavor, and we're happy to make such an important job just a little easier.