Awareness Pins

We custom make awareness pins for non-profit organizations and companies looking to create recognition for events and causes. Even though everyone loves a parade, it’s not the only way to raise awareness for your cause.


What are awareness pins? Awareness pins are pins designed to draw attention to a particular event or cause. These pins typically display an identifiable logo or brand and are often associated with a recognizable organization. Popular examples of awareness pins are the various colored ribbons that are related to different issues.

Why are pins useful for raising awareness? Because people have grown to associate pins as representations of various causes, continuing the tradition of using pins to get people interested and involved in your movement is easy. When people sport the logo or motto of your organization on their shirts, jackets, hats, and bags, they are expanding the reach of your cause with each person they come into contact with. This exposure, the conversations they start, and the tradition of raising awareness, make pins the perfect promotion for your cause.

Custom Awareness Ribbon Pins: Ribbon Pins are the most popular awareness pin styles, with decades of tradition making the classic ribbon design on of the most recognizable styles. These ribbon pins can be customized with personal inscriptions, slogans, and mottos, adding touches unique to your experience or cause. Start creating conversations and generating traction around the things you care about through custom design.

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awareness pins customLooking for awareness pins for an event?

It can be easier than you thought—surely you’ve heard the phrase “They wear their heart on their sleeve” A simple way to educate those around you about your cause is to pin an awareness ribbon to their clothing as a way to spark dialogue and show support for their cause. It has been so effective, in fact, that every color of the rainbow (and sometimes combinations of colors) has been adopted for use by a charity organization.

Let us help you create an awareness lapel pin for your organization? We have created thousands of different customized pins for our customers over the years, and no two have ever been alike. Many of our custom lapel pin customers have used just the ribbon symbol with the appropriate color for their cause, and others have used the ribbon design along with text or logos. Both ways allow the organization to benefit from the universal understanding of the ribbon, the colors and their meaning, all while adding their own message.

Sample Awareness Pins

Ribbon pins can be made in any color you need, and are small, simple, elegant and much more durable and environmentally friendly than distributing actual ribbons. Designing a custom recognition pin ensures a pin that is both eye-catching and economical, and it will become a long-lasting symbol of your organization. Years from now, your pin can even become collectible!

It’s one of our favorite lapel pins to make, as we get to support fundraising and increase recognition for the most important issues in our world today. And to be as supportive as we can to these organizations, we provide an inventory of stock ribbon pins for different causes. These are easy to order, can be delivered quickly and are extremely well priced—but our designers are always on standby in case a custom design is needed.

How to Order Your Awareness Lapel Pins

There are several factors to consider when you order a custom designed awareness lapel pin, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about ordering custom made awareness pins:

What size should a ribbon pin be?
Size is an important consideration, and you should think about what size the wearer is expecting before committing to a design. The size of the finished custom pin will determine the amount of information and artwork that can fit on the pin. Remember, the more text you have, the smaller the text will be on the finished lapel pin, and if you have a large amount of text, we recommend a lapel pin in a round or oval shape.