How to Make Custom Pins: Your Guide to Making Enamel Lapel Pins

The Monterey Company is proud to offer a wide selection of custom metal pins to meet your exact specifications. Take a look at our custom lapel pin gallery below where you’ll find all our most in-demand pin styles and pin designs.

How to sell custom enamel pins online:


There is a new trend of people making custom enamel pins and it has never been easier to market those pins on platforms like Instagram. It is as easy as creating your pin design and adding it to Instagram with a few hash tags.

For those of you that do not know what hash tag is it is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) that identifies a specific topic. What hash tags should you use to market your pins? Here are are a few popular lapel pins hash tags:#lapelpins #pingame #enamelpins #pins #enamelpin #lapelpin #pincommunity 

Making enamel lapel pins start with a design idea, followed by deciding on the style of pin that works best for your design. Soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins can be produced in as few as 10 to 14 days.

What Are The 10 Things To Know When Getting A Custom Pin Made?

  •  Will My Enamel Pins Manufacturer Design My Enamel Pins?Most lapel pin makers will create a proof for your review prior to production, showing you how your design will look as a finished pin and offering free revisions is the norm. Most proofs will include metal borders in your art design. Design proofs will also show best custom shape to match your logo and a color key wiill include your colors and metal finish.
  •  What Style Do I Choose? The best style pin is sometimes dictated by your budget. For example a soft enamel pin will be less expensive than a hard enamel pin or even a cloisonné pin. A second consideration is the base metal used to create your lapel pin. Most pin companies will not give you an option on the base metal used and for the most part you can’t really tell as the metal used not visually accessable. A bronze or copper pin will cost 30% more but allows for great detail if your design includes 3D. An iron pin is a great option if you are using a magnet back, as iron lapel pins are atracted to magnets. Our staff will walk you through the best options when we begin your project.


  • What Finish Or Plating Do I Choose? This is personal choice and most of our custom pins are made with either a shiny gold or shiny silver plating. If your design includes 3D, we recommend using an antique finish. We also offer matte finishes and epoxy coatings. The antique plating used on these horses start with antique silver, antique copper, antique bronze and antique gold.


  • What Size Should My Pin Be?       Round designs, usually range from 7/8″ to 1 1/4” and  a 1” pin seems to be just the right size for a round pin design. Square and rectangular pins can range from 7/8″ to 1.5″ depending on their height. Custom shapes and and pin with cut-outs can be made in any size. Most enamel pins come with one post but we can also add a post if your design is wider than it is tall.


  •  What Type Of Enamel Color Should I Choose? Soft enamel vs hard enamel and cloisonné colors are normally the options to choose from when it comes to making a custom pin with color. We can also print your design instead of using an enamel color. Your design will sometimes dictate the best enamel or print option and we will make sure you know the difference even if we send you samples to make sure you know the difference.custom-shaped-pin-guitar


  • What About Custom Shapes? Yes, we can create a custom shape based on your design and we can even add cut-outs in yourdesign. Most pins look good with a custom shape but we can also do a variety of stock shapes.  2D vs 3D: The Monterey Company specializes in three dimensional design work. Most designs can be made into 3D and these pins normally look better when we plate your pin with an antique finish.


  • What About Attachments Or Packaging? Your custom pins will normally be made with a standard clutch but we can make your pin with a magnet back, deluxe clutch, safety pin back or even two posts can be added. Our standard packaging includes a poly bag but we can also package your pins in velveteen box or a plastic box.


  • How Much Will My Pin Cost? The style of lapel pin you choose will have a big impact on the cost. The other factor that dictates the price of a lapel pin is the quantity you order. The more pins you order the cheaper they are… Printed pins and soft enamel pins are our least expensive pin styles we offer.


  • How Long Does It Take To Get My Lapel Pins Made? Most pins can be made in 10 working days but once you factor in back and forth with our art department and shipping time, your pins could take as long as 3 weeks. We do not guaranty delivery times but we do expedite orders when we need to to make our customers deadlines. We have a few pin styles that can be delivered in less than 5 days if you have super rush order.


  • Why Choose The Monterey Company? We treat each of our customers as they are the only customer we have. You will speak to only one of our team members from your first contact with us all the way to your final art approval. Most of our staff have been with us for years and know what looks the best when creating your design. Our pins are made with the best quality plating and we make every effort to comply with the CPSC new lead laws and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Send us your pin design and we will get your free art proof going!

Soft Enamel Pins vs Hard Enamel Pins – What Is The Better Option?

custom-pin-styles-guideSoft Enamel Pins

Are certainly one of our most popular and functional styles. They’re extremely attractive with a high-perceived value, yet they’re very affordable. We create our enamel pins with a fine metal detailing process that gives you hundreds of color choices, so you get the exact pin you’re looking for. This makes our soft enamel pin one of the most versatile and cost effective pins that we offer. Soft enamel pins have texture to them.

Hard Enamel Pins

Are an attractive alternative to our cloisonné pins. We create our hard enamel pins with an innovative process called PMS matching. This new method of pin creation delivers all the colorful brilliance of the Cloisonné method with a little more versatility. Our hard enamel pins are certainly the most durable of our finished lapel pins and the most popular choice for custom lapel pins due to their eye-catching beauty and vibrant color palette. Note the metal and the enamel color on the same level.cloisonne pins

Cloisonné Pins

Have an appearance most similar to a piece of jewelry. They are created using a timeless 13th century crafting process and have a durability that is generally unmatched by other pin styles. Although they are relatively limited in the amount colors that can be used, Cloisonné pins are the preferred choice for collectors due to their stunning beauty and durability.

Shiny Metal Pins:


If you’re looking for a lapel pin with a distinct jewelry-like appearance, take a look at our shiny metal designs. We plate these brilliant pins in your choice of gold, silver, or copper and can even add gemstones for a more elegant touch. We then polish them by hand to give them a shiny and brilliant appearance, guaranteed to astonish your audience.

We offer recognition pins to acknowledge a specific group or employee in your organization, and we also offer company pins to promote your business, build brand awareness, improve team morale, and so much more.

Recognition Pins:gemstone-pinsgold-plated-enamel-pin

From volunteer pins to awareness pins that acknowledge the special service of a group within your business, our custom recognition pins are the perfect compliment to the people you’d like to recognize. We offer many ways tocustomize your design including adding Gemstones to your design. We offer a variety of stone colors including rubies and diamonds.

Printed Lapel Pins Come In Two Styles!

Printed pins offer the largerst verstility when it comes to reproducing complex logos. Not sure what the best printed pin option is the best for your design? Our custom printed lapel pins come in three varieties: screen printed, offset printed, and hard enamel with printing. These pins allow us to recreate your logo or design directly on the pin without the need for liquid enamel color fills and fine metal lines to separate the colors. This is without a doubt our fastest design process, and we can rush these pins to meet almost any deadline.

Are you searching for the perfect custom pin?

Looking for the perfect custom pin for your team? What about service pins or a custom made pin for your club? At Monterey, we offer a wide range of unique lapel pins for any club, business, or special occasion you might have. Are we the only compant to choose from? The answer is no, we encourage our customers to shop around to make sure they feel they have selected the best company. How would you find a pin maker? Searching a search engine can be done the tradional way or you could or could try a search on your phone like this:

Siri – “Companies that make lapel pins”

Have you tried to search to search for a company that makes custom pins by using Siri?  This is how many people might search for a pin company. Searching by using a siri or Alexa are great ways to find a company. We do hope the Monterey Company comes up on the results!

Okay Google – “Find me the best custom lapel pins”

Have you tried using Alexa or Google? Searching for a pin company on your phone can be done so many different ways! Or now that you found us, you could start by requesting a quote and we will reach out to you with the same day or at the latest the next business day.

Every one of our lapel pin designs are hand-crafted using time-honored processes to give you a pin that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Just send us your design, or have our professional artists create your design for you. The exact details of your design will be replicated with precision onto your custom pins. They are created in a bronze or iron base and can be completed in a wide selection of metals, types of enamel or platings to meet your needs. Our exacting standards guarantee you a beautiful, high-quality pin to last a lifetime.

When you talk to one of our customer service specialists, we’ll consider several things to help create the ideal custom-made lapel pin for you. These include your event, your group, how you plan to use your pin, and any existing logos or designs that you’d like us to use. From there we’ll be able to suggest the perfect stye of custom lapel pin for you. Give one of our friendly staff members a call now to request a free quote today!

printed pinsSpot Printed Pins:

 This style of pin usually is printed using fewer colors. We create individual screens for each color that is printed.  This style of pin can be made with a little extra thickness for a higher perceived value. Why add color without the metal border? We have found that some companies, have strict branding guidelines. Including the matching of their logo colors and having metal separating colors around their logo will not work with their design. Adding individual colors to a design can be done after the normal production of a pin. The pin on the left has metal around the little circles but the text was printed on so the pin would stay true to the companies corporate branding guidelines.

Full Color Pins

Offset Printed Pins:

The gear pin depicted here is a full color lapel pin design and there are no metal lines separating the colors and this design is printed similar to how a magazine wouldbe printed in full color. Printed pins offer the largerst verstility when it comes to reproducing complex logos.


Company & Organization Pins For Every Type Of Business!

Whether it’s for a school, club, corporation, or military, our company and organization pins will show your people that you care along. They also go a long way to building brand identity, awareness, and team morale.

 FedEx Air Shipping – Free Art Proofs – Low Minimums – 7  Colors Included – Free Quotes – Fast Production