Let us create your next lapel pin design!

Any pin design can be tailored to very specific and detailed standards. However, when choosing a distinct design for your team, group or business’s needs, it is important to know what you are getting and what you want. Why is having a fitting design important for your pins? Whether you are ordering pins for an office anniversary party or a fundraiser, your pins’ design can be the key to success at your event. Having a design that fits the event allows customers, teammates and employees to better represent the event. It also makes it easy to advertise your organization with your pins. In fact, the goal is to design pins that are self-explanatory. It’s easy to represent or celebrate with something that doesn’t need a backstory. And because you are designing lapel pins for a specific event, there are many design options to make your pins custom. Some of the options include different enamels, colors and additions such as glitter. Each option has a very specific style and feel and are all important factors when choosing a custom design for your pins. However, the process is simple and the result will give you gorgeous pins that are perfectly customized for your needs. Don’t worry about the brain work! 

At The Monterey Company, we believe in efficiency. It is important to us that you are satisfied with your experience. This includes design, simplicity of the process, and ensuring that your pin is right for you. We never aim to waste your time, and our experts will only ask you necessary and important questions. While we may offer helpful advice, we will above all listen to how you would like your pins designed. Interested in designing pins for your business, team or organization? Simply select a representing image and let’s get started.