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How are hard enamel lapel pins made and what is the process?

All of our custom hard enamel pins are made by striking your logo into a base metal. Hard enamel pins are smooth to the touch and are color filled using PMS colors and baked until the enamel is cured. The raised metal areas and the colors are on the same level and then hand polished smooth and then plated in gold, silver or copper.

Hard enamel lapel pins are die struck from metal and the enamel color is on the same level with the surrounding metal
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What are hard enamel lapel pins?

Unlike soft enamel pins, where a design is embossed into a metal blank and color-filled, to manufacture a hard enamel lapel pin, a metal blank is die struck and the enamel color is filled to the surface of the metal. In the final process, the enamel is polished and the pins are plated. Hard enamel pins are made using the same process in which our die struck pins are manufactured.

How are hard enamel pins made?

Custom hard enamel lapel pins are made by creating a die and they are struck into either copper, brass or iron. Copper allows for the best detailing if you plan on creating a 3D design. Hard enamel colors are added and are matched to your design proof we create for you, we use the Pantone matching system when matching logo colors. Backgrounds can also include a sandblast finish. Sandblasting gives a custom pin a two-tone jewelry-like finish.

Are they the same as cloisonne?

There is a lot of confusion over the term "hard enamel" because of the miss use of the term. Since we have been making custom pins since 1989, we are a bit of an expert when it comes to the differences in enamels. Over the years we have heard this style of enamel called so many things.  Compare our hard enamel pins vs soft enamel and our cloisonne pins.

What do they look like?

Considered to be a smooth-surfaced pin, hard enamel pins use a resin paste to achieve an authentic, hard, glass-like appearance. After the base of the pin has been struck, plated and polished, the enamel is overfilled into the reservoirs above the level of the metal design lines. Each pin is then sanded down until the colors of the pin are even with the metal surface, creating a smooth, elegant and jewelry-like finish.

Die-struck into bronze metal

Hard enamel lapel pins are one of the highest quality styles we manufacture. They are die struck into a base metal like bronze metal and the enamel color is on the same level with the surrounding metal making these pins smooth to the touch. You have a choice of base metals, including brass, bronze, iron, and copper.


What makes this style the best?

What makes custom hard enamel pins the highest quality? Hard enamel lapel pins are die struck into metal and then color filled with high-quality enamel color. Hard enamel color can be color matched with any Pantone color. This style of a custom pin was originally made to resemble cloisonne pins, a 2000-year-old enameling process.

hard enamel lapel pin custom shape

hard enamel lapel pin with printing


What Are The Best Options?

We can add gemstones to any custom shape pin. We can add as many gemstones to a lapel pin as there are no limits to a number of stones. Sandblasting the background is a great option if you would like to add a higher perceived value to your design. If you are looking for a two-tone look, sandblasting gives any design a jewelry finish where the raised areas are shiny and recessed areas are a matte finish.

Need to add extra printing to your design?

Hard enamel pins can be printed on top of the hard enamel to allow for extra design details. We offer PMS color matching to ensure your logo matches your brand. Adding extra colors to your design allow you not have metal separating your colors. This enables you to create a custom hard enamel pins that are both vibrant and colorful and matches your logo.

Free Design Proof & Unlimited Revisions

What Are The Best Options

hard enamel lapel pins with logo

As a lapel pin maker and manufacturer, we can design custom hard enamel pins in days and we offer a quick ship using FedEx. Our lapel pins gallery includes custom enamel pins, 3D die cast and cloisonné hard enamel pins in gold and silver plating and in precious metals.

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