Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Are you looking for high quality hard enamel lapel pins?

Hard enamel or classic new enamel lapel pins are made as an alternative to cloisonne pins. An ancient technique to create a custom pin. The new method of creating hard enameled pins uses PMS matching, giving these custom pins more versatility and brilliance than the cloisonné method. It’s not just the most durable finished lapel pin that we produce, it’s also by far the most popular choice for custom lapel pins due to the beauty of the finished product.
These custom enamel pins are made to resemble cloisonne and are smooth to the touch where the metal and color are on the same level. These pins can be plated in any of our standard plating finishes. These pins can also be ordered with a deluxe clutch and our standard packaging is a clear bag. Feel free to request a quote on special packaging. We offer velvet or plastic boxes that can really enhance the value of your pin order.

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Sample Hard Enamel Pins

Why Order Hard Enamel Lapel Pins?

  • To have the bright colors of a cloisonné pin but without the lead content
  • When you need a durable pin that is also beautiful
  • To say thank you to fundraisers, volunteers and employees
  • To show company pride and recognize employee service
  • To create a piece of collectible commemorative art
  • To celebrate graduations, anniversaries and company milestones
  • To provide souvenirs for visitors to parks, zoos and aquariums

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Who Uses Hard Enamel Lapel Pins?

Hard enamel lapel pins have all the beauty of cloisonné pins but with a larger variety of color. Here’s a short list of some of the many organizations that order from us frequently:

  • Volunteer and non profit organizations
  • Companies, trade associations and business organizations
  • Graduates, universities and schools
  • State and national parks
  • Museums, zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens
  • The military and emergency service departments
  • Athletic and sports clubs
  • Motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors