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full color offset printed pinsLooking for full-color pins?

The Monterey Company offers full-color custom printed pins, also known as offset printed pins. These pins are made the same way you would print a magazine in full color but on a much smaller scale. With this style of making lapel pins, no metal lines are needed to separate colors. If you have a design or logo needing to be reproduced exactly, then these pins are the answer.

 Offset Printed Pins

Photographic pins are made by printing or applying a photograph directly to the die stamped pin shape. One method to offset print a pin is by attaching the design by adhesive, then adding a layer of epoxy. Another way is to direct print or screen print a design onto the pin blank and then adding a layer of epoxy for protection.

Four Color printed pins are made in the same a magazine might be made. This method allows colors to have a graduated color bleed together in order to create a full-color design. Available colors for the offset printing are limitless. Full Color can easily be rushed and they are lightweight. This a perfect style for trading pins as they come in custom shapes

Printed Pins vs Offset Printed Pins

The difference between a standard printed pin and an offset printed pin is color. Logo colors are added one at a time on a printed pin style. Offset printed pins have no limits, logos can have an unlimited amount of colors. Both styles can be made in days and they are the fastest pin style made.



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