Custom Gold Jewelry Pins

Commemorate Your Next Event

What are commemorative pins and what's the difference between jewelry quality and basic pin styles?  They are made from base metals like bronze and brass and designed with a special event in mind. Knowing they are to be used as an award, they are made using real gold plating and options like gemstones can be considered in the final art design. 

commemorative pins

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Looking for custom metal pins?

Our die-struck pins have a jewelry-like appearance and are the top lapel pin choice for those customers looking for an elegant, high-class jewelry lapel pin. These custom pins are plated in gold, silver or even copper before being polished by hand.

When you choose a die-struck high polish lapel pin, there are many options to create a stunning custom gold or silver pin. One is to sandblast the recessed areas to create a two-tone appearance, or those areas can be filled with soft or hard enamel colors for a brilliant highlight. Add gemstones to a custom, gold, silver, or copper plated custom metal pins for an extra special touch and a higher perceived value, or upgrade to a deluxe flat-clutch fastener.

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Metal Lapel Pins Custom Designed In Days!

Why Choose This Style

  • When you need an elegant, high-class jewelry lapel pin
  • To add a special touch to a lapel pin with a gemstone
  • To recognize employee service and thank volunteers
  • To create a piece of collectible commemorative art
  • To celebrate graduations, anniversaries and company milestones
  • To provide a memento for visitors to the state, national or theme parks


30 year anniversary pin

Award pins are a beautiful and individual way to reward employees, staff members, and volunteers. Why send thank you cards when you can design pins that will last a lifetime? They motivate and help encourage good morale. By awarding your staff or volunteers, you are investing in a successful future for your organization or business.

Commereative Pins Are The Perfect Award

Celebrating encourages productivity and makes people enjoy their work. This brings me to the second way that you can use a custom made pin. What do you love about your job? That it helps people or even the world? Many employees work goes unnoticed. However, it doesn't have to stay this way! Show your staff or that they are making a difference. Whether the difference is for your company or the world, people love knowing that their work is getting noticed. Award pins are the perfect way to show them how much their work really means to you. This will help them feel that they are a part of the company and a part of the success. Encourage the productivity of your business while encouraging the happiness of your employees! What better way to say thank you than with pins that are beautiful, detailed and will last for years?

20 year service award lapel pin

How are die-struck high polish lapel pins made?

We double strike each custom design into solid metal for the highest level of relief and detailing, then plated in one of our many finishes, including antique or shiny. Plated and hand polished with attention and care.

How long will it take to get my custom metal lapel pins?
Normal production time for custom die-struck metal lapel pins is ten working days. Rush jobs can usually be accommodated for an additional charge. We do recommend ordering pre-production samples when adding gemstones to your jewelry lapel pin design.

Why should I order from Monterey Company?
Because we provide all design and artwork at no charge and have low minimum quantities. We give all of our customers the best quality and the best prices, with fast production times and top-notch customer service.

Handcrafted and custom designed for a jewelry-like finish

Handcrafted for your special event and designed with any logo or image of your choice. Using high-quality metal and material, these pins are easy to cherish for years and the creation process is simple! All that the first step entails is an idea. Whether celebrating an accomplishment, performance or feat, engraving your pins with a custom design gives them an individual and genuine feel. From here, our artists will create a pin concept and send you a design to approve. Next, we will fill your order with as many as requested and send them to you for your anniversary or award.