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Political Pins

Looking to promote your next event with Political Pins?

Whether you are running for office in your student council, for your city, state or nation, or simply want to spread your political ideas in a unique way, political lapel pins provide an effective means of communicating campaign messages and increasing one’s presence.

Our political pins are easy to customize, and are perfect for imprinting quotes, political logos, slogans and the names of those running for office. These high-quality, eye-catching custom campaign pins skillfully convey political messaging with flair, promote dialogue in the community, help to spread the word and, best of all, they are easy to hand out to prospective voters, volunteers and supporters as gifts.

Fundraisers for non profits, civil rights groups and activist organizations also use political lapel pins to promote their message and goals. These pins are a wearable way to raise funds, share quotes from leaders and educate the public about the cause. These type of pins can also be made to be a satirical statement to promote a common cause.

Who Uses Political Pins?

There are so many groups who want and need to make their message heard, but here’s a short list of some of the many organizations that order custom campaign pins from us frequently:

  • Politicians running for governor
  • Politicians running for city, county or state offices
  • Students running for student council
  • Presidential candidates and hopefuls
  • Organizers of political conventions
  • Organizers of civil rights groups, fundraisers and activist events
  • Supporters of politicians
  • Supporters of civil rights groups and activist organizations
  • Staff members of politicians
  • Democratic organizations
  • Republican organizations
  • LGBT organizations
  • Organizations looking to create a Satirical Pin

Don’t see your group in the list? No problem. We will happily make your custom campaign pin.

Why Order Political Lapel Pins?

  • To spread a political message or campaign
  • To start a dialogue about a political campaign
  • To communicate a civil rights message
  • To say thank you to fundraisers, volunteers and employees
  • To show pride in a political party or cause
  • To create a piece of collectible commemorative art for an election
  • To provide souvenirs for supporters of politicians, activists or civil rights leaders
  • To promote education about civil rights leaders
  • To promote a personal or group political message

How to Order Your Political Lapel Pins

There are several factors to consider when you order a custom campaign pin, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about ordering political pins:

Can you engrave the political lapel pins?
Yes, for an additional charge, we can engrave the back of the pin with a small logo, message or date.

Can you match my logo colors?
We can match colors exactly on most of our custom campaign pins. The exception is our cloisonné pins, as they are limited to a few hundred rich colors.

How do political lapel pins attach to clothing?
The most common fastener for our pins is the post and clutch fastening, which pushes through clothing. If you prefer a fastener that does not pierce clothing, we can provide a magnet for an additional charge.

What are political pins made out of?
You can choose from copper, bronze or iron. The magnet fastener requires the pin to be made from iron in order to create a powerful hold.

Which political lapel pin type is best for my needs?
All of our styles will make beautiful pins, but what’s best for you depends on your project, artwork and budget. We suggest printed pins for an exact reproduction of a logo, which will also lower costs in a custom design. Hard enamel pins cost more, but the result is a heavier, more substantial lapel pin. Choosing an antique or two-tone finish will provide a lapel pin that looks elegant and has a higher perceived value.

What if I still don’t know which political lapel pin is best?
We can help! You can call us or email us to discuss your ideas, designs or sketches for your pin. Once we review your artwork, we will happily suggest the styles that would suit your design best.

How long will it take to get my political lapel pins?
Production time varies depending on the style of pin you choose, but it normally takes between 2 to 3 weeks. Rush jobs can usually be accommodated for an additional charge.

Why should I order my political lapel pins from Monterey Company?
Because we provide all design and artwork at no charge and have low minimum quantities. We give all of our customers the best quality and the best prices, with fast production times and top-notch customer service.

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