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Destination Imagination Trading PinsLooking For Destination Imagination Pins?

Destination Imagination is a National and International program focused on helping children of all ages and economic backgrounds learn problem-solving skills, and experience successful teamwork as they face new challenges. Unique in its approach, the Destination Imagination program turns out highly adventurous critical thinkers by helping them to increase their aptitude for theater arts/sciences, playwriting, visual arts, design construction and architectural design, to name a few.

Sample Destination Imagination Pins
Destination Imagination is an annual international creativity tournament for kids. At the start of the season, teams choose one of seven Challenges. After weeks spent creating and developing their solutions, they go to a local tournament. Top-scoring teams advance to state or country tournaments. The top level of the tournament is the Global Finals—the world’s largest celebration of creativity.

Trading pins are an integral part of the worldwide Destination Imagination tournaments that take place throughout the year.  It is an opportunity for teams to showcase their talent and creativity by fashioning a custom Destination Imagination pin that relates to their specific project.

Custom Destination Imagination Pins are an excellent keepsake. With such creative thinkers in the driver’s seat, Destination Imagination trading pins tend to be large, beautifully ornate and unique trading pin creations.

Our Custom Trading Pins Include:
*FREE artwork and design proof
*FREE die charge & setup
*FREE color – up to 6 colors at no additional charge
*FREE shipping
*FAST Production – Ready to ship within 10 working days or less

Here are some Custom Trading Pin Tips to help guide you as you decide on the design of your trading pin:

Type – Pin traders predominately like to trade etched and printed pins, as they can be made large and brightly colored as well as custom shaped. All this, without ripping your shirt! The thinner base on these two types of custom trading pins allows us to make a large pin without making your trading pin into an anvil.

Size – Most players like to trade with other players that have pins that are 1 1/2” to 2 1/2” or larger, but we can design your pin to be virtually any size.

Quantity – We find that most players will trade 20 to 25 pins per game. Be sure to include extras for parents, grandparents, and friends of the family.

Accessories – Kids will seek out the custom trading pins that are the most unique with blinkies, danglers, wiggle heads, sliders, and glitter.

Insights and Ideas!

Student Trading Pin Projects:

Nothing brings students together in creative collaboration than a cool custom trading pin project. We see it time and time again in the Destination Imagination events we make custom pins for every season it comes around. Giving a group of students access to these amazing material by working with an expert designer, stretches the reach of their imagination and gives them a whole other modality to work with. By far, our most dynamic lapel pins are imagined and made for young people with an ever-expanding breadth of creativity. We learn so much from them!

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