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Everyone loves Disney, but there are a lot of hidden secrets that not very many people know. One of these special “company secrets” is that they give their valued employees their very own die-cast years of service pins. The other secret is that you as a guest of the park can trade your amusement park trading pins with cast members called “pin pals” and other guests. We will talk more about this, but first, let’s discuss the first secret pin.


Disney Pins & Amusement Park Pins.

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After an employee has been with the Walt Disney Company for a year, they receive their first recognition pin, and then every five years from that point on they get another. For the Disney employee that dedicates their career life to the company and reaches 45 years of service, they are awarded a gorgeous pin with a relief of Walt himself sitting in a chair with Mickey Mouse standing on his knee.

Now let’s let the cat out of the bag about the second secret: amusement park trading pins. Since the opening of the first Disneyland park, they have also sold Disney themed pins to visitors and fans. Guests of the park collect these pins and trade them by playing in the pin trading game with cast members and other guests. They call these new friends “pin pals”.

If you’re looking to join in on the fun next time you take a trip to Disneyland it’s easy! Just simply locate a Cast Member wearing a lanyard with Disney amusement park trading pins, pick one that you like and present them with another one to trade. There is a wide variety of pins to choose from including favorite characters, attractions, and features.

Disney created this tradition in order to find a way to keep the magic alive once you leave the park. It helps you to create friends and memories that last a lifetime. Pin sharing is a delightful tradition that can be passed down through generations along with stories of your visits to the parks.

With the help of the Monterey Company you can still get your own custom Disney themed pin that features your favorite movie, character, or anything Disney. You no longer have to be an employee to get a unique and meaningful promotional pin, but you might want to keep this one for yourself!