Fake Disney Pins

fake disney pin

The Best Way To Spot a Fake Disney Pin

Disney pins are a popular collectible that many people enjoy collecting. However, some pin traders have realized that there is an opportunity for them to make money in the Disney pin trading world by making their own designs and selling those designs as fake Disney pins. The problem with this is when you buy a counterfeit Disney pin, it's not only disappointing because you don't get what you paid for, but it also hurts the credibility of real collectors who want to trade with other traders who share the same passion. This article explores different types of counterfeit Disney pins and how these fakes can hurt your collection!

Beware if online stores don't have photos or their product is on sale... ...Some stores might not be selling legitimate products at all but instead just knockoffs with a made up story behind them! These stories may sound convincing enough so they'll fool people into thinking these items are legit, then find themselves disappointed when they get what they thought was going to be a real pin but ends up being a fake.

The best way to spot a fake Disney pin is by comparing it with an original one that you know is real, like when getting them from the Disneyland® Resort. There are also ways for collectors of all levels and ages to identify these fakes: experts can look at details such as colors and details, while beginners can look for the price.

Lastly, people should also be careful about how they buy these pins because it is possible to get scammed by someone selling fakes online or on social media channels like Facebook Marketplace and Poshmark. The best way to avoid this situation is by buying from a reputable seller

Here's are a collection of favorite videos on scrapper pins and how to spot them.

Disney has an online shop that shows many of their certified pins that are for sale. This a great site to see real Disney Pins