Custom Scout Pouches

Girl Scouts offers a wide variety of patches that can be earned by members. These patches include badges, which focus on specific skills or interests, and Journeys, which are award-winning leadership development programs. The specific number of patches available can vary depending on the level of Girl Scouts (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador) and the region. Additionally, the council may offer its own patch programs. So, there could be countless number of Girl Scout patches available, however, it would be best to check with the local council for more information.  


Custom Girl Scout Patches

embroidered patches As all Girl Scouts know, custom embroidered patches are a great way to celebrate. Besides highlighting skills and accomplishments, patches motivate girls to take on challenges. In fact, they are a fundamental way to encourage learning and leadership. More importantly, receiving patches proves to a girl scout that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. From selling the most cookies in the troop to completing activities, custom Girl Scout patches help her learn what she wants in life. And more importantly, they show her that she can achieve it.

Design Your Own Patches

Embroidered Patches For over a century, Girl Scouts of America has been an integral part of American culture. It teaches young girls valuable lessons that they can bring with them into adulthood. Besides educational instruction and guidance, the organization also motivates its members to continue learning through unique rewards - like custom-designed patches! These reward badges symbolize different skills or ‘challenges’ completed by scouts which provides reinforcement for pursuing knowledge in all its forms; creating lifelong learners out of every girl who joins this esteemed program.

Custom Scout Patches are Hand-Crafted

girl scouts logo pin One of the ways that Girl Scouts celebrate uniqueness is actually through the embroidered patches themselves. Did you know that you can design your own Girl Scout patch? If you are celebrating a special accomplishment, designing a girl scout patch is the perfect way to celebrate. Hand-crafted and custom made patches with your design, these patches might be small, but they say a lot about your skills! There's no comparison to the feeling of rewarding your troop with a custom Girl Scout patch you are especially proud of. That's why we specialize in high-quality design and detail. It's important to us that your patches are perfect for the occasion.

custom embroidered patches for police

Look no further for the perfect patches to adorn your Girl Scout or Brownie Scout uniforms! Our team of expert designers will help you craft a stunning, hand-embroidered patch with superior thread and materials that are sure to stand up against tough conditions. Best of all - when wearing these eye-catching additions, you can strut with pride knowing they were specifically made just for your special event.