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Custom Hard Enamel Pins

Custom hard enamel pins are the perfect choice to promote your business. This type of pin is baked until the enamel has cured and the result is that the colored and raised areas of your art are on the same plane, making the final image smooth to the touch. As a finishing touch, the pins are then hand-polished on all sides and plated in gold, silver, or copper.

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High-Quality Hard Enamel Lapel Pins Made From Brass

Hard enamel pins are the highest quality designs that we offer. They are smooth to the touch, and often mistakenly called cloisonne since the two techniques are very similar. Custom hard enamel lapel pins are made by creating a die and using copper, brass, or iron as the base metal. A copper base allows for the most detail, and allows for amazing 3D effects. After the base has been selected, colors are added and matched to your approved art proof.

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Matching Colors and Polished To Perfection

We use the Pantone matching system when matching the artwork to ensure that every color is the perfect shade. From there, we also add a sandblasted finish to the background to give the final logo a two-tone, jewelry finish. The enamel is filled level to the surface of the die-struck base. Finally, the pins are plated before being shipped right to your business via FedEx rush delivery.

Black Plated Pin

What Is Hard Enamel and How Is It Made?

Created using a solid paste that is then hardened during the firing process. The final images are smooth to the touch and have a sleek, even surface. One of the major advantages of using this style is the ability to use the Pantone matching system because it helps us to create an exact duplicate of your logo. A resin paste is used to create their hard, glass-like appearance and are one of the more popular types of custom enamel pins. After the brass base metal has been struck, plated, and polished, the resin is then overfilled into the reservoirs of the finished product. Once fired, the pins are then hand-sanded down to create a smooth finish.

Adding Detail By Direct Printing Color To Your Design

What makes hard enamel pins the highest quality? This type of pin was originally created to resemble cloisonne, a 2000-year-old enameling process. They can be printed on top of your pin as well, which will provide for extra details no matter what size you choose. We offer Pantone color matching to ensure that the logo on your pin perfectly matches your real logo.

hard enamel pin with printing
hard enamel lapel pin with black and yellow I
hard enamel pin customized shaped design

Custom Options and General Information

What is the best option?

Different attachments allow you to easily adhere to your logo to different products or clothing, like hats, lapels, and jackets. We offer:

  • Butterfly Clutches (Standard)
  • Rubber Clutches
  • Deluxe Clutches
  • Magnet Backs
  • Safety Pin Backs
  • Screw Backs

We offer our customers the opportunity to customize the box and packaging for their custom designs. Put your pins in a box that showcases the beauty and originality of your custom creation. Our products all come individually bagged, but we also offer:

  • Plastic Gift Boxes
  • Velveteen Boxes
  • Pins Attached to Printed Insert Cards

This style also has a few other commonly used names, including:

  • Epola Pins
  • Cloisonne
  • Semi Cloisonné
  • Synthetic
  • Imitation Cloisonné

The different variations and names can be confusing but very different from soft enamel pins which are textured pins. We are experts in crafting factory direct durable custom pins. We will walk you through the whole process and answer any questions you may have to ensure you receive high-quality pins you’ll be proud to distribute at the right cost. Email us today and request a free quote. We offer quantity discounts, great service, and the best quality!

The price for 100 custom pins with a standard clutch back, gold finish, and up to six colors is ranges from $325 to $415.00 and prices vary based on your design elements and we can quote your product the same day. Contact our customer service team to learn more about the type of custom pin your organization would like to order.

Our team can make any design a reality!

We've made sure that ordering hard enamel pins is as easy as possible and we offer the best service. With our years of expertise, we've perfected every step from start to finish.