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Custom Soft Enamel Pins

You can't go wrong with custom enamel pins! The price point is unbeatable, the quality of manufacturing impeccable and they look timeless too. An affordable way to show your love for fashion without skimping on style?

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Why Choose Soft Enamel Lapel Pins?

If you want to make a statement, Die struck soft enamel pins are your best option. The production method is very cost effective and allows for intricate designs with ease of manufacture that won't break the bank! Your artwork needs will be determined by our team directly so we can finalize it just right before creating this special die in order bring out all those beautiful colors on top-quality materials like Swarovski crystals or gemstones - whatever suits YOU most! Once everything's been set up, they're oven baked at high temperatures until fully cured and polished to perfection.

How are they made?

This style pin is embossed with color. The metal lines in your design will become the raised parts that stand out from other surfaces, while still being recessed enough to show off beautifully colored enamel on top!

When making soft enamel pins, they are color-filled about 75% of the recessed areas so that when you run your finger across its surface a finish product will feel like there are grooves in these regions.

custom soft enamel pins

Why Soft Enamel Pins Are So Popular

Enamel pins are loved because of how flexible you can be when wearing them. They're not big accessories, which means that they don't take up too much space on your person and there will always be one to go with whatever outfit or trend happening in the moment! Soft enamel pins are one of the most popular styles we manufacture. With fine metal detailing and hundreds of different enamels to choose from, they offer you the opportunity to create a totally customized design to represent you and your business. We are also able to sandblast the recessed sections to create a jewelry-like finish, providing you with a piece that will be cherished for years. 

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How Much Do Soft Enamel Lapel Pins Cost To Make?

Soft enamel pins are the most budget-friendly option. They have raised metal edges, rather than smooth ones which makes them easily distinguishable by feel - but don't let their affordability fool you; prices for these little guys vary depending on how many you buy! If your plan is only to purchase 100 pins (as an example), then pricing will be much lower when buying 1k units. The price for 100 pins would cost around $2.65 a pin vs $1.20 per at 1000 quantity.

The cost of enamel pins is based on several factors such as artwork, quantity and size. There are different types for customization like mold/setup base metal type finish color Add-ons etc., which affect pricing heavily depending upon your requirements. These pins have many options that could affect the final price. Pins come in all shapes, sizes and prices. From tiny to big--you'll find a variety of designs that suit any need! The bigger the pin-the higher its cost will be.

How long does it take to get soft enamel pins?

The Monterey Company is a premier manufacturer of custom pins and fast turnaround time, with an output tone that's helpful yet informative. Our team can have your design struck into metal within 10-12 days while still meeting all deadlines!

What about making samples? We're always here to help! If you need physical samples, just let us know and we'll get them made for your project. We do charge an additional fee for pre pro samples, but this ensures that the end product will be perfect before sending out a full order. Pre-production samples can add additional time into your turnaround process which is typically 2 - 3 weeks total from start date until receiving final files/proofs back from manufacturer – however this also varies based on complexity of design needs.

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