Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel lapel pins are die struck from sheet metal, creating recessed sections that are then filled with vivid color. This style pin has an embossed look as the recessed areas are partly filled using a syringe. The pins are then baked at 360 degrees until cured. The raised metal of a design are plated in gold, silver or copper. This style can include a thin layer of epoxy for a smooth surface feel.

soft enamel bass pro shop pin

Custom Soft Enamel Pins Can Be Made In Days

They can be designed and produced in just 10 to 12 working days. This style is one of the easiest styles to create. Made from either iron, copper or bronze base metals and plated in gold, silver, copper or black plating. This style is created by striking the base metal with your design. Enameling is normally done by hand and the recessed areas of your design are filled. The raised metal around each color well is used as a separation between each area. Adding color to your design does not add to the production time unless you add more than ten colors. They can also be manufactured using glitter or transparent. After the color-fill is cured, your design is hand polished and the post attachment of your choice can be added. Learn more about the process by checking out our enamel pin guide.

Multi Color Pin Design

Why choose soft enamel?

Embossed soft enamel pins are popular because they have vivid colors and they are embossed. With this style, the color can be recessed below the surface creates a textured feel. Embossed and plated with shiny or antique finish makes them really stand out. Mix and match styles and plating! We can take your logo and create a variety of options using the same die. Choices are always great! Soft enamel lapel pins are made by creating a die and they are struck into either copper, brass or iron. VIew other pin styles

Color-filling cures hard and it has a shiny finish and it is not dull but recessed into the metal. "Soft Enamel" might get its name from the way the color looks inside the recessed areas as it is curing. This style has a dimensional look and you will feel the metal ridges of your pin. Embossed and giving this pin style many options when enameling the recessed areas. This style can include up to 12 embossed colors and can be plated in gold, silver, copper or black plating. Add a velveteen bag or packaging, like a gift box with your logo.

Popular Styles

custom pink cat lapel pin

Hard Enamel

custom shaped diestruck pin

Die Struck

cloisonné pins for safety pins




gold die struck metal lapel pin




pewter pin


Embossed Soft Enamel Pins

They are made by pressing your logo into the base metal, raising an image or logo above its background. The embossing process creates a multi-dimensional piece and can be customized by adding color, plating, texture, and epoxy finishes.

When a pin uses soft enamel as a means of adding color to a design, the base metal is first pressed with an image, logo, or organization’s insignia to create raised and recessed areas in the piece. The raised metal then acts to separate color, which is often applied by hand through the use of a syringe. Multiple colors can be added, as long as raised areas separate them. The soft enamel color is then cured, creating a hard, vibrant finish.

They are some of the most customizable and popular styles as they are affordable, fast to manufacture, and incredibly beautiful. The best designs are ones in which color works to accent the overall design. In combination with exposed, finished base metal designs, the color filling adds vibrant and pop to a custom pin, creating a visually striking, classic effect.  

promotional pin design
custom shaped scorpion lapel pin design

Embossed Soft Enamel Pins

We can make soft enamel pins in 10 to 12 working days. What goes into creating this style? Designs die-struck, plated and filled with soft enamel, baked at 360 degrees, and then packaged for delivery. We plate with the finish of your choice of silver, gold or copper. Hand polished on all three sides. We offer a quick ship using FedEx to make your deadline.

The Most Popular Pin Style

Soft enamel pins and cloisonne pins are one of the most popular styles we manufacture. With fine metal detailing and hundreds of different colors to choose from, this style truly offers you the ability to create a fully customized design. We offer several design options, including leaving areas without any color. Recessed sections can be sandblasted for a jewelry-like finish. Unlike hard enamel pins where the color is on the same level as the metal.

Soft enamel colors are recessed and a syringe is filled with color and each of the cavities is filled three-quarters full. This style has an embossed feel as the metal is raised and the color is recessed. We can include epoxy to the recessed areas making them smooth to the touch. We can create samples in a variety of style options and send you samples for approval prior to having your full order made.

custom enamel polo pin
custom soft enamel pin with epoxy

The best options for embossed pins?

3D designs and gemstones enhance any design and custom shapes also create impressive enhancements. Including gemstones, to your creation can enhance your product. We can even mix and match gemstones. We also have a variety of backing options. Including epoxy creates a layer of protection to your embossed design and makes them smooth to the touch and not soft.