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Our pin gallery includes every kind of custom shaped pins we manufacture including 2D and 3D pins.

lapel pin gallery

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The Monterey Company’s offer a variety of pin styles with different enamel options as well as plating options. Our gallery below shows some of our most popular pin styles. The Monterey Company will make the perfect custom lapel pin in any one of the many styles we offer. Our custom pin gallery includes some of our favorite designs we have made. Our gallery includes enamel pins, cast pins and die struck pins.

Plating Options

10 year custom hard enamel pins in gold


silver lapel pins with emerald gemstone

Shiny Silver

3d antique silver pin: warrior design

Antique Silver

antique copper custom lapel pins diver helmet design

Antique Copper

50 years of service pin in antique bronze

Antique Bronze

satin gold service pin: 50 year design

Satin Gold

Enamel Enhancements

glitter pin accessories


epoxy on lapel pin


transparen pin

Transparent Enamel

transparent enamel pins

Dual Plating

Curved Die

Curved Die


Enhancements include sandblasting the background, engraving, gemstones, plating options including gold, silver and copper plating. 

hospital recognition pin withemerald gemstone

Silver Plated with Gemstone

shing gold lapel pin with ruby's

Gold Plating with Gemstones

printed pins with engraving and gemstone

Printed Pin with Engraving & Gemstone

Cut Out Cast Pin

Cut Outs


Attachments include deluxe clutches, magnet backs, screw backs, safety pin backs, chain loops to a second pin, and more...  

custom pin with loops connecting second lapel pin

Chain Loops

lapel pin with two magnets

Dual Magnet Back

lapel pin safety pin back attchment

Safety Pin Back

deluxe gold flat clutch lapel pin attachment

Deluxe Clutch

magnet back attachment for custom pin

Magnet Backs

standard pin back attachments

Two Posts

2D vs 3D

2d vs 3d pins

Send Us A Sketch

lapel pin design