religious pins

Religious Pins

Custom religious pins are designed using an insignia or emblem. Made using a bronze or iron base metal and plated in gold or silver plating.

Custom Made Religious Pins

Many churches and organizations choose to celebrate their faith through pins. For many years, the Monterey Company has been creating top quality religious pin designs for churches nationwide. They make ideal gifts for a congregation or group that can help strengthen its sense of unity and spirit when worn on clothing or displayed in buildings throughout an organization's grounds. Our creative designers are ready to work with you by providing design ideas from non-denominational, Catholic, Jewish Christian designs all the way down to other religions such as Buddhist Pins if your church doesn't want anything too specific made just yet!

Popular Symbols for Custom Christian Pins and More

Crosses and Crucifixes, these pins are customizable in size, dimension, material, and detail. Achieve antique finishes with an Antique Pewter finish or a more contemporary Matte Finish. Ichthys or Fish depicted through simple linework designs that range from traditional to modern two-dimensional pieces of art for any occasion. Doves have been created as realistic 3D sculptures made from metal clay representing the most important symbols including Peace Dove - symbolizing unity among religions; Noah's Ark dove - signifying hope after disaster; Angel of Hope symbolic representation is inspiring us all to never give up on ourselves so we can better serve others! The Star Of David has also been designed into beautiful pin artwork by using clean line work representations.

Common Non-Western Religious Styles

  • Hamsa, often designed with beautiful colors and raised linework, these pins are typically die struck and have a striking aesthetic.
  • Buddhist Mandala, these designs best depicted in 2 dimensions, with simple color schemes.
  • Chinese Yin and Yang, represented well in printed or 2-dimensional styles, this design lends itself well to bold colors or varied textures and finishes.
  • Islam Star and Crescent, this design is often represented in printed pins but looks great in both two and three-dimensional designs.
  • Hindu Om, a design beautifully represented in die-casting and three dimensions.

Pins for Your Church Group or Retreat

Religion has always been about bringing people together to find community in a shared belief. It’s about connection, discussion, learning, and growing together, unified under your doctrine and institution. Church groups are made and gather for many reasons, often revolving around these ideas of togetherness and community.

Custom Religious pins are a great way to demonstrate your affiliation within such a group, making stronger connections with the people inside your church community. Use your church or denomination’s insignia, adding special and personalized touches unique to your group. Use engraving to specify the name and year of membership, creating collectibles and talking pieces, like “Women’s Chapter 2019,” or “Youth Group 2017-2019.”

Church Pins are also the perfect way to commemorate a trip or retreat, acting both as tokens of participation and as identification aids at the event itself. Find members of your group within a crowd by wearing your custom pieces on your lapel or attached to your bags and packs. And through custom designs capturing the spirit of your group and the event you’re attending, your group will stand out in a fun and functional way!

Custom Faith Pin

Who wears religious pins?

There are many churches and spiritual groups who want to spread their word, but here’s a short list of some of the organizations that order from us frequently: Christian Churches. Mormon Church. Jewish temples and Chabad branches for people practicing Judaism in North America or around the world - like those looking for an orthodox synagogue near me! Catholic cathedrals and church members with less traditional beliefs such as Catholics involved in Sacred Liturgy (sacred liturgies). Non-western Christians including Orthodox believers living outside Western Europe or anyone interested on Eastern Christianity worshiping at Greek Orthodox parishes located across Canada! Youth ministries, pastors, priests,, rabbis – all leaders within faith communities where they preach about their faith.