Custom School Pins

With a school or university pin, you can say so much with your logo. You can promote pride, show teacher or professor appreciation, recognize achievements, indicate departments or programs and so much more. Custom school pins are a unique way to celebrate events and milestones. 

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Alumni Pins

Our university pin designs are manufactured for universities looking not only to give an award to staff but to also create gifts to alumni with a university logo. An Alumni pin can be made with and with enamel color and we can add gemstones and engraving to any of our styles.

Enamel School Pins

Choose from soft or hard enamel and we also can use cloisonne. All our pin styles can be plated in silver, gold or copper plating. We offer engraving on any of our styles.

University Pins

Our custom university pins are manufactured out of brass and bronze and they can be plated in silver or gold plating. We can add sandblasting to the background for a two-tone finish. University designs are normally engraved and gemstones can be added to any logo.

Honor Roll Pins

Honor Roll, Dean's and President's lists recognize the accomplishments of students achieving the highest standards of academic success by awarding students of Honor Roll, the Dean's or the President's List with custom designs from your College or University. Custom Academic Achievement Pins demonstrate an investment in the successes and hard work of the students, encouraging achievement and pride in their accomplishments.

Lapel Pins For Teachers: Principals, Superintendents, and district leaders are always looking for a means to express gratitude for the work the teachers are doing within their schools. A school pin can be personalized with engraving and make excellent gifts in fun and creative means to offer appreciation.

Alumni & Graduation Pins

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June is graduation season. All school levels, ranging from pre-school to college will be marking the end of a learning cycle with some type of celebration or ceremony. It’s a wonderful time for families and friends to come together to honor their student for the hard work they have put into their education with a custom graduation pin.

Graduating from a particular school always leaves a particular sense of pride in the graduate. Forever affiliated with their alma mater as an alumnus, the former student may participate in alumni associations, reunions, events and fundraisers for their schools for years to come.

Many alumni associations, particularly collegiate ones, create custom graduation pins with the school's insignia or colors along with the graduating year of the student now entering the association. Not only is the lapel pin their individual membership pass to events, but a symbol of the accomplishment that granted them access as a member of the association in the first place.

University alumni associations with long histories have collected these lapel pins over the years and display the various versions of the alumni lapel pins they have made for their members. These lapel pin displays travel to different alumni gathering events throughout the year, adding to the sense of pride and history embedded in the association.

Pledge Pins for Universities

What Are Pledge Pins? They are worn by members of fraternities and sororities at the time of pledging and throughout their college experience. They can signify allegiance to their organization, to their school, and the former, present, and future members of their sorority or fraternity.

Custom Pledge Pin designs can feature an organization's symbols including Greek Letters, symbols or logos representing their college or university, and other personalized touches significant to them themselves. Pledge pins promote solidarity, encourage conversation between chapters, and encourage curiosity in Greek Life within campuses.


Custom School & University Pins

Many universities utilize school pins to give their students recognition for attendance, grades, acts of kindness or areas in which the student excels. A university might reward a student with a pin for perfect attendance or test scores. Schools may honor their students for anything from ‘most improved’ to ‘most involved’. rewarding distinct academic feats, such as spelling bees or chess tournaments.

Use promotional gifts to honor your staff. Staff members may be given awards for working at the school or as recognition for ‘teacher of the year’.  There are a number of different ways that you can honor the teaching, administrative and support staff at your school or in your district.

Fraternity & Sorority Pins

University and School Pins

We provide free design and artwork on any size order and we have low minimums. We give all of our customers the best quality designs and the best prices with fast production and top-notch customer service. University and school pins are made to order and can include gemstones and years of service engraved on them. We can also engrave on the back of any pin and include a logo.  We can add deluxe clutches and velvet boxes on request. We design fraternity and sorority pins with and without color.

custom designed uc davis university pin
apple pin in gold metal

The golden apple has become a symbol of recognizing amazing teachers and the outstanding work they do daily. Traditionally, it is awarded to teachers who go above and beyond the duties expected of them, taking creative, innovative approaches to educating their students. Continue this tradition by awarding the genuinely exceptional teachers and professors within school districts and universities with a custom golden apple lapel pin.

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Custom Gold Star Pins: Gold stars are symbols of excellence, and receiving one is a recognition of outstanding work or merit. Awarding custom gold star pins is a great way to encourage employees, volunteers, club members, and more to operate at their best, to demonstrate exemplary values, and to say, “thank you,” for their relentless dedication.

School Pins for Donors

Many Colleges and Universities remain the incredible institutions they are through the generosity of their alumni and various members within their community. By donating to their alma mater, people are investing in the continued success of the school from which they earned their degree. They contribute to building updates, scholarship programs, and elevating the success of students to come. And through allocating funds into local colleges and universities as community members, people ensure their neighborhoods remain the prestigious areas in which they love to reside.

Securing donations is an arduous task for any institution, which makes the money gifted all the more valuable. So having a meaningful, unique way to say “thank you” to donors is important to the continued success of your fundraising campaigns. Which is where custom school pins from The Monterey Company come in. Our beautifully crafted, professionally designed are made with the highest standards in the industry. These incredible pieces are collectible commemorations of your donors’ generosity.

Work with one of our professional designers to transform your logo and institution insignia into the perfect tokens of recognition. Taking your ideas, they can create different pins for recognizing the various levels of donations your University receives. For your highest contributors, consider real gold plating or premium silver finishing touches. Use stylized engraving to specify the year of contribution, encouraging recurring funds. Whatever your ideas or needs may be, The Monterey Company has you covered.