Custom School Pins

With a school or university custom lapel pin, you can say so much. You can promote school pride, show teacher or professor appreciation, recognize achievements, indicate departments or programs and so much more. School pins are a unique way to celebrate events and milestones because you can create a design that represents your school. 

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custom uc davis school pin

Alumni Pins & Pledge Pins

Our university lapel pins are made for universities looking not only to give a school pin to staff but to also create an alumni pins with a university logo. Alumni pins can be made with and with enamel color and we can add gemstones and engraving to any of our styles. We also make Pledge Pins in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Enamel School Pins

Choose from soft or hard enamel lapel pins and we also can make pins with real cloisonne. All our pin styles can be plated in silver, gold or copper plating. Years can be engraved on any of our lapel pin styles.

University Pins

Our school pins are made of brass and bronze and pricing includes silver or gold plating. We can add sandblasting to the background for a two-tone finish. University lapel pins are die struck and can include engraving and gemstones. School pins can include deluxe clutch attachments as well.

School Award Pins

Many schools and universities utilize award pins to give their students recognition for attendance, grades, acts of kindness or areas in which the student excels. A school might reward a student with a pin for perfect attendance or test scores. Schools may honor their students for anything from ‘most improved’ to ‘most involved’. School award pins are also a great way to reward distinct academic feats, such as spelling bees or chess tournaments.

Use service award pins to honor teachers and staff. Teachers may be given employee pins for working at the school for a certain number of years or as recognition for ‘teacher of the year’.  There are a number of different ways that you can honor the teaching, administrative and support staff at your school or in your school district. Need help coming up with unique ways to say “thank you” to the staff at your school? We can help!


Fraternity Pins & Sorority Pins

University Lapel Pins and School Pins: Design and Artwork

Because we provide free design and artwork on any size order school pins and we have low minimums. We give all of our customers the best quality designs and the best prices with fast production and top-notch customer service. University pins and custom school pins are made to order and can include gemstones and years of service engraved on them. We can also engrave on the back of any pin and include a logo.  School pins can have deluxe clutches and velvet boxes on request. We design fraternity pins sorority pins in soft and hard enamel as well.

custom designed uc davis university pin