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Custom USA Made Pins

Made in the USA pins are cast or die-struck designed in the United States. Designed in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, but are all proudly printed with variations of the “Made in the USA” slogan.

star shaped flag pins

The Monterey Company a USA Pin Factory

Whether you are a diehard patriot or simply in a hurry to place an order, our USA pin line is perfect for you. Since 1989, we have earned a reputation for providing its customers with high quality, beautiful and lasting products.

Custom Designed and Created in The United States

We create designs in the United States including soft enamel and printed styles. Specializing in American designed in gold and silver. Offering friendly service and high quality from the company you trust with the added satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a locally made product. We will help you create your design from conception to production in days!

usa made pins

American Designed Lapel Pins:

Created in the United States are created with the quality materials and services expected of our domestic products. We not only creates designs to distinguish US-Made products but produces them in the United States as well. Offering a wide range of Union pin styles, we specialize in domestic production and US quality goods.

shiny star Pins
round pins with usa design

Custom Union Pins

“Made in the USA” pins are produced in the United States, and we offer a variety of American Union pins. We have great options that can be added including sandblasted backgrounds, custom engraving, hand polishing, plating finishes, and more.

Enamel Pin Manufactuered in America

Designed in America

There is no denying that spending money on products created in your own country help the economy… no matter what country you are in. Being that we are in the United States, it gives us great pride to offer this great line of designs for those companies that want to remind their customers of the service they are doing by investing in their domestic economy.

Ready to order? Step one is to contact us and we will provide you with a quote and we will also create a proof for your approval! Our in-house art team is available to assist you throughout the entire process.

Created in days

We offer custom struck and printed pin styles. Couple that with the different metal finishes, colors, shapes and bling options and the possibilities are endless! - Free Artwork and Unlimited Revisions


Photo Dome

We offer another style created in the USA called Photodome and they can be rushed in as little as 3 days! This style can be created with one of our stock shapes and imprinted directly on to the pin without metal borders between each color.

custom rush pins

Created in over 10 different styles.

gold rotary pin

Options Include

- Sandblasting the background
- Gloss Enamels
- Hand Polishing
- Silver or Gold Finish
- Three Dimensional Dies
- Bronze Material
- Deluxe Clutch
- Engraving
- Gemstones