Ordering Pins in Small Quantities

Ordering pins in bulk will save you on the cost per pin!

Oftentimes our customers are surprised to find that fewer than our minimum order of 100 pins can cost nearly as much as ordering 100 pins. Set-up charges are the same for one pin as for 100. When our factory creates a die or mold, it takes a lot of craftsmanship and time. Therefore ordering smaller quantities is possible, but it might be worth increasing your order and receive more pins for nearly the same price.

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Die Struck Iron Pins

Small Quantity & Short Run Pin Orders

Monterey Company welcomes small pin orders and keeping in mind the pricing mentioned above, sometime you might just need a few pins for a special event. We can accommodate even the smallest orders.

Most of the customer's order quantities between 100 to 1000 and our most affordable pin style is our soft enamel pins. They can be plated in gold, silver and copper plating.

lapel pin with emeralds

Ordering just one pin

Looking for just one pin?  Creating one pin is like creating a unique piece of jewelry. Some organizations may have a small membership, and could never use 100 pins in a lifetime. Therefore, the smaller quantities are accommodated and can include options like deluxe clutches, engraving, and gemstones.

It might be better to buy in bulk but ordering any size order start by request a quote. We will help design and create a proof of your design.