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How To Place An Order

Over the past 20 years, The Monterey Company has perfected a proven process that takes you from start to finish for your custom-made product. In five easy steps, we will outline the process from the quote, design, proof and final product. Whether it’s a custom-made lapel pin, graduation medallion or military coin, these five steps will work the same for you.

Ordering - Step One

Step One:
Your Quote:
You can either email us (sales@montereycompany.com) or call our toll-free number (1-877-290-9290) for a quote. You can also click on the “free quote” button located throughout the site. Your friendly and knowledgeable Monterey Company salesperson can assess your needs, and review any artwork that you may have. Then, your salesperson can determine the best manufacturing process to meet your needs. Most often, you will receive your quote within 24 hours

Ordering - Step Two

Step Two:
Your Design:
If you approve of your quote, the next step is to design your custom-made product. You can email, fax or email your artwork to your salesperson, who will confer with one of our many designers. However, you need not have a finished artwork piece or logo to design your product. We can work with sketches or just a verbal idea that you have in mind. Your designer and salesperson will work with you to create a virtual sample of your product. You can make as many changes/improvements to the design until you are 100 percent satisfied. Once that occurs, and you sign off on the artwork, then you’re ready to create a sample.

Ordering - Step Three

Step Three:
Your Artwork Approval:
After your artwork approval, we proceed with your order or we can create physical samples for your review. This is an actual sample that you can touch and inspect before the final run is completed. Many customers find pre-production samples helpful, especially if several people need to give their approval. However, additional fees and longer lead times are required for pre-production samples. Please see your salesperson for details. Most often, pre-production samples are used for large orders or those with detailed/intricate designs. Once you have approved and signed off on your artwork or pre-production sample, then your order is ready to go into full production.

Ordering - Step Four

Step Four:
Production of Your Order:
During the production of your custom-made order, we inspect it every step of the way. Our craftspeople are trained to look for flaws and ensure that your lapel pin or coin meets the highest production standards. Our craftspeople also take great pride in their work and believe that their reputation is only as good as their last piece. In addition, your designer is in contact with our production staff to help answer any questions and ensure accuracy to your original design.

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Step Five:
Your Final Product and Shipping:
The final step is to package and send the final product to you. We use reliable domestic and international shippers at the most affordable cost. If necessary, we have the ability to ship your product to you overnight. Ask your salesperson for details.

Contact Us

Toll-free at 877-290-9290. E-mail us at sales@montereycompany.com to learn more.

There it is—from start to finish in five easy steps! We are looking forward to creating your next custom-made lapel pin, medallion or coin. Call us today!

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