2D vs 3D Patches

3D Custom patches can be made in days!

The Monterey Company manufactures 2D and 3D custom patches made from PVC. 3D patches can be made in any shape or size. Colors can match your design or logo. This video includes some of the main differences between the two main styles of PVC patches we make. We made this video to help explain those differences and to show you some samples of the custom patches we make.

Video Transcription

Hey, this is Eric with the Monterey Company here to explain the difference between 2d and 3d and some other options that we have with our PVC custom patches and rubber custom keychains. Alright, so over here we have some 2d patches. 2d is going to have multiple level surfaces or raised in recessed areas. If you run your finger over here you can see that the crisis is more raised from the background of the image. The same with the bubble one the blue and the bubble is raised from everything that's purple in the background. When you're looking at a 3d image it's going have multiple surface levels as well but it's going to have a rounded or sculpted look. The globe on top is actually rounded as well as the wings are rounded, the same in the skull. The skull actually has that rounded sculpted look around it.

Another cool thing about PVC, we have a lot of different backing options most popular is probably the velcro backing on here. We also give you a magnetic attachment backing it's for fridge magnets slap them on the fridge we can do adhesive as well which is like a sticker or we can just do an L backing like this one right here cool attachment that we have for PVC is a keychain attachment rubber keychains rubber custom key chains like all of these and with key chains we can always make them one-sided or two-sided one's got the little hat on the back pretty cool! Well, that's all I got PVC patches… thanks!