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Inside Page Featured Image - SandblastingOne of the most important options to be attentive to when picking the design for your custom product is texture. Adding texture to the background and recessed areas can add an amazing dimensionality to your piece. This will give your design the contrast and an inexpensive way to add complexity to your design. It works especially well with landscapes that depict nature.

A design that is typically smaller then 2″ in diameter requires some contrast in order to make the other design elements pop. This is especially true if the custom product has no added color at all. With these types of designs, it is critical to add some texture to distinguish the raised metal areas from the recessed metal areas. Sandblasting is our favorite and most commonly used texture, but we offer other fun and distinct options from very fine sandblasting to checkerboard patterns and everything in between.

Examples Of Sandblasted Products:

We also offer a variety of textures!
Adding texture to your lapel pin, coin, medallion or keychain is an excellent way to add dimension and contrast to your design. And, when talking about a design which is rarely larger than 2″ in diameter, it is easy to understand how essential contrast can be. The texture is an inexpensive way to add another dimension to your lapel pin or coin. It works especially well with landscapes that depict nature.

Insights and Ideas!

GeoCaching Coins

Private groups, families, and individuals have begun to design and have their own geocoins made in order to leave them behind in Geo Caches all over the world. Tracking them on the internet as the travel beyond the point they were originally left is exciting and leads to many connections with like-minded people from all over the globe.

Depending on how many caches are visited a year, a great idea that has been surfacing is to order a select limited amount each year, but with a new design per year. This way people familiar with your specific name and logo can strive to collect or cross paths with each coin produced for each year.

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