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Custom Embroidered Shirts

Give your shirts that final touch of sophistication with our embroidery services! Our expert team utilizes top-notch threads, advanced machinery, and meticulous attention to detail - ensuring you'll receive a eye-catching product in no time. We have plenty of designs for you to choose from or provide us with some custom logos if desired. You can trust we will deliver an end result up to the highest standards - making sure it meets all expectations!

Branded Apparel

High-quality, custom-embroidered headwear and apparel create an impression that will last. With professional branding on such garments, your company can be sure to define itself in the minds of customers for years to come! Whether you are selecting gifts or promotional products for a grand event or something special as part of a customer loyalty program - make it remembered with superior quality and lasting design when using embroidery work. 

Why Choose Shirts With Embroidery?

The first benefit of Embroidering designs onto custom shirts is the professional look it provides to any business you may have in mind for your venture. A second benefit of this technique is its durability; therefore customers will be able to wear and use their items without worrying about them wearing out too quickly - saving money on replacements! Other advantages include that there are plenty colors available, which allows customization from customer-to-customer depending on preferences and needs.

How Does Embroidery Work?

If you're looking for custom products that won't go unnoticed, Embroidery has what it takes! Our experienced team of professionals can enhance apparel and other goods with professional-level quality stitching. Start turning heads—and stand out from the crowd in style—with customized orders created to absolute perfection!

Custom Embroidered Shirts

Apparel can be customized in many ways. If you need your company logo imprinted on work shirts, or want staff and employees to wear a custom uniform shirt, we're here to help! We also offer promotional products that have the perfect combination of branding and customization for any business needs-- so what are you waiting for?

Our decoration Services are not limited to apparel, as you can also choose to custom embroider scarves, custom embroidered headwear, towels, backpacks, tote bags, apparel, beanies and more! When you need branded apparel with perfect embroidery, we invite you to contact us with your needs so that we can make your vision come to life!

We also offer unique imprinting options on custom printed apparelWe're not just any company that designs custom t-shirts! We use an array of techniques to create unique and creative prints on our t-shirts. No one can match the variety in our design library, which includes vintage inspired graphics as well as modern day mesh gear for fashion forward folks like yourself.

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Branding Apparel With Your Company Logo

Show off your professional brand and create a lasting impression with custom embroidery on caps, hats, or shirts. Crafted to perfection by expert embroiderers from the highest quality materials available; you can have virtually any logo stitched onto clothing for an impactful look that stands out in all settings. Alongside traditional stitching methods, there are also multiple options for giving logos unique flair - perfect for making sure yours really sticks around!

Crafting the perfect logo for your business is essential for its visual representation. Consider all of your embroidery options, including standard and 3D stitch, to achieve optimal branding potential on apparel like shirts or hats. Size also plays an important role; too large a logo can overwhelm while too small may not give it enough visibility. Make sure to choose colors that will contrast with each other nicely - think gradients – so no one misses out on seeing what makes you unique!

Crafting the exact embroidered item you have in mind is easy with The Monterey Company. Our team of friendly and experienced professionals are here to help bring your vision to life! Ready to get started? Place an order now or fill out our quote form for more information on pricing, free shipping options and other details.

Which of our many brand name apparel would you like to personalize for your business? Maybe a custom hoodie is the right choice for you? Or maybe you need sweatshirts, company apparel, polo shirts, embroidered Jerseys, caps, beanies or outerwear? Know that when you choose promotional products that are embroidered, you're choosing a durable and timeless way to promote a message. This is because embroidery uses threads instead of printing, which tends to last longer than other imprinting methods, making it a timeless promo product option.

Some popular apparel brands that can be embroidered include:

  • Gildan
  • Hanes
  • Nike
  • Next Level
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • American Apparel
  • Jerzees
  • Port & Company

Yes! We can create original custom artwork for you, no charge by an expert designer. No matter what type of unique design you require, including logos, know that our highly experienced design team is available to you. No matter how many free artwork you need, we will help you create a customized wearables that meets the vision you have in mind. Your custom designed shirts can be simple or complex, small or large, include an image, only consist of text, be full of color, be only black and white, and/or be bold or subtle.

When it comes to creating a new original custom embroidered product, know that you're 100% in control! Our experienced design team will work closely with you in order to create a custom image that's unique to the brand you're promoting. We offer low minimums orders and the perfect  imprinted product with quick fast delivery.

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