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Custom Coins are our specialty! All of our custom coins are individually handcrafted and designed by our expert team of designers, making your coin one that leaves a lasting impression, regardless of the commemorative occasion.  Our design team will work side by side with you to help you design the perfect coin for your needs.  Whether the intent for your coin is to promote or recognize, we can walk with you through the design choices available to you. Our experienced staff can give you suggestions to enhance or modify your design as needed in order to ensure that your design is most suitable for production.

Just got the coins, and WOW!!! I’m blown away! These look fantastic! :) Thank you so very much! Everyone has done a great job and I’m very pleased. Thanks a million! You all rock!  ~Vick


At Monterey, we take pride in manufacturing only the finest custom challenge coins for the men and women who serve our country. If you’re looking for top-quality, custom coin minting services, join the hundreds of thoroughly satisfied commanders in the US NavyAir ForceMarinesArmy, and Coast Guard who have ordered their custom challenge coins for their squadrons, units and battalions from us. Our team of expert designers and manufacturers will work to make sure that the minted coins you receive from us are truly unique and precious items. Their recipients will be sure to value and cherish their hard earned challenge coins for the rest of their lives.

Custom coins & collectible coins, commemorative coins, corporate coins and military coins are our specialty. All of our Custom coins for sale are individually handcrafted and designed by an expert team of artisans, guaranteeing that your customized coins will leave a lasting impression, regardless of the commemorative occasion. Here at the Monterey Company, we have more than 20 years of coin minting experience, so we understand all the small nuances that make truly unique custom made coins stand apart. Our unrivaled creative team works side by side with you from start to finish, making it both easy and fun to turn your vision into a reality. Whether the purpose your coin will serve is for promotion or recognition, you can trust the The Monterey Company to deliver a unique, eye-catching product.

Process: Our process is designed to work around your needs. We guide you in creating the initial design if needed, or we can work with you to perfect a pre-existing design idea you might have. Once you approve a final design, it is die-struck into thick bronze or copper, and both the front and back of the coin are struck at the same time. Our experienced staff can give you suggestions to enhance or modify your design as needed in order to ensure that your design is most suitable for production. According to your final design specifications, the coins are then electroplated (see our available custom coin finishes) sandblasted, and polished. Though all color is added individually by hand, hard enamel color is added pre polishing, while soft enamel is added after polishing.

We have produced some of the most inspiring military coins and challenge coins for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, EMS, Fire and Police Departments around the United States of America, as well as for many agencies abroad. Many of our corporate customers have employed performance and project recognition programs, commemorating important milestones or the completion of a momentous project with custom coins designed by Monterey’s expert team.

Insights and Ideas!
Custom Challenge Coins:

Honoring Our Soon To Be Law Enforcers with Challenge coins come with a long time honored tradition and culture. Part of the military for ages, challenge coins are made for special units and to commemorate a particular job well done. It’s no wonder that the pride affiliation that comes with having ones very own challenge coin, is something that is passed on to police department’s Junior Trooper programs. It is truly awe inspiriting when you see adolescents go through the program and then at the end receive their very own challenge coin. It drives home the honor of being part of such a team in a way that nothing else does. The coin of course, becomes a cherished possession for a life time.