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3D Coins

Crafting 3D custom coins is a breeze with Monterey Company! Our team will collaborate closely throughout the whole creative journey, from first consultation to shipping. Every detail and curve of your design matters—our expert craftspeople ensure that you receive only top-notch pieces made with care in no time at all.

Three Dimensional Coins

Are you looking to create custom 3D coins?

Have you been curious about what's the difference between 2D and custom 3D coins? Look no further! 2D  feature a background layer along with an elevated surface. Take your design to another level though, by utilizing 3d that boast amazing textures not seen on two-dimensional surfaces! From nature scenes, animals or people figures - add depth and realism to any concept through three-dimensional customization. Learn more today about how these unique custom coins are made for added authenticity in branding & collectibles alike.

Achieve the three-dimensional style with 3D coins.

Adding the extra dimension of 3D coins can take your brand to new heights! Perfectly designed with life-like realism and detail, they're a powerful way to express personality while creating something truly one-of-a kind. Boost employee morale or wow customers - consider enriching your business today through stunningly crafted 3D renditions!

3D Coins for Company Benchmarks

At the Monterey Company, we think that good work is worth commemorating and reaching lofty goals should be celebrated, one step at a time. By breaking projects down into benchmarks and using custom 3D coins to commemorate this progress, your employees' efforts are incentivized. Instead of feeling impossible, goals become manageable and fun, with something to look forward to each step on the way. Customize your commemoration pieces with unique designs and engravings to represent these benchmarks, making collectible pieces to be shared and loved throughout your business.

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Border Patrol Coil

Full Color Printed Coins

Need to reproduce a photo onto your coins? Printed coins are a perfect way! It provides high-quality results and can even be done in full-color offset printing or PMS. We also understand that some designs require more than just metal, so we offer an option to print it on a substrate and then bond it seamlessly to the coin for those extra-special designs. Make sure no details get lost - choose printed coins today!

Who Uses 3D Coins?

Individuals, businesses and organizations of all stripes turn to 3D coins as a powerful way to make their mark. From the military and law enforcement services that rely on them for honor & recognition programs, right through volunteer groups or coin traders looking for unique tokens - these precious metal pieces are perfect! What's more? We even offer custom-made options upon request so you can print your own personal message in an indelible fashion.

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Need More Information?

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FAQ - How to Order Custom 3D Coins

Our team is ready to help you with all of the factors needed to order a 3D coin. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about ordering custom coins:

Yes, for an additional charge, we can engrave consecutive numbers or a name on any coin design and you can add an anniversary date as well.

Our production times vary depending on the style of the coin and your custom request. Normally, it takes 3 to 4 weeks. Rush jobs can usually be accommodated for an additional charge.

Get the perfect combo of quality and affordability with our custom 3D coins! Enjoy low minimums, fast design services, quick production times and unbeatable rates. Plus we provide exemplary customer service - so you can quickly customize your coin without ever having to leave home; simply contact us for a quote or proof today!

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