PVC Custom Patches

Looking for Custom PVC Patches?

Our PVC patches are made to order and they’re flexible and lightweight. PVC is a very versatile material, so much so that we use it to manufacture soft PVC rubber patches, labels and emblems. Patches made out of PVC are more durable and more colorful than cloth patches. Custom PVC patches are great for outdoor use as they have been known to last over five years, even on the sails of ships. These PVC rubber patches are waterproof, weather resistant and they can withstand cold temperatures.

We design custom PVC patches for police and fire departments, EMS workers, military units and airsoft teams. We also work with manufacturers that want to add brands to their bags, jackets and uniforms. Our PVC patch maker creates soft and flexible labels that can be used on bags and backpacks, clothing and sails, or almost anything.

Request a free quote for custom PVC patches today. Once we receive your request, we will create a design for your patch and send you a free proof for your review. We can also create actual samples of your custom PVC patches with our PVC patch maker so you can see how they will look before receiving your entire production.

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Sample PVC Patches

Sample PVC Patch Pricing

The price for custom PVC patches is dependent upon the type of patch you’re creating and the amount of pieces you’re ordering at one time. Set up charges and prices for velcro backing are also based on the quantity ordered. Contact us directly by phone at (877) 290-9290 or request a free quote online for your order. The following pricing grid is an estimate based upon the average price of PVC rubber patches for past orders.

Quantity100300500 2D Setup Velcro
As low as...$2.68$1.49$1.29$50.00-$120.00
Based on Quantity!

Set up charges and velcro prices are based on the quantity ordered. Request a quote today!

We are the number one PVC patch maker for hundreds of law enforcement agencies. Let us create your custom PVC Patches!

PVC Patches

PVC patches are extremely popular for law enforcement, military and morale units, airsoft and paintball teams and independent manufactures. All sorts of groups use PVC rubber patches to:

  • Build brand loyalty for a corporation or organization
  • Put a logo or message on a product that will be used outdoors or in tough conditions
  • Indicate ownership of a product or item
  • Commemorate achievements or rank
  • Show affiliation with a unit, team or group

custom pvc patchesOur PVC patch maker is so advanced it can mold patches and labels into unique 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional shapes. Whether patches are 2D or 3D, the colors are usually separated by a thin recessed line. You’ll have the option to add velcro backing or a sewing channel to your emblems and labels. We’ll work together to create the perfect PVC rubber patch for your needs.

When you order custom PVC patches and labels through us, they are guaranteed to be molded to your specifications. PVC patches are tough, strong and colorful. We provide all design and artwork at no charge and we have low minimum quantities. We give all of our customers the best quality and the best prices, with fast production times and top-notch customer service.

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What are PVC Patches?

PVC Patch

PVC stands for PolyVinyl Chloride. This material is an alternative to rubber and a widely used plastic. These PVC rubber patches feel like flexible rubber patches and can be molded into any shape.

When you choose us as your PVC patch maker, we will create PVC patches that are:

  • Water resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Fray resistant
  • Color is guaranteed to match your logo
  • Intricately detailed
  • PVC patches can be sewn on or attached with Velcro backing
  • All of our PVC scraps are recycled

If you’re searching for a patch that uses an alternative material to PVC, consider creating soft silicone patches. We also make custom silicone patches with low minimum orders.

Can I Add a Logo or Create a PVC Product from My Own Design?

Yes, all of our products are custom made! We’re happy to become your next PVC patch maker.  Our design team can any idea or sketch to create a beautiful PVC patch that matches your vision.

Is There a Minimum Order for Custom PVC Patches?

Our minimum order for any of our pvc products is 100 pieces. Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered and the more you order the better the piece price will be. Setup charges can be waived over 1000 pieces.

How Long Does it take to Create Custom PVC Patches?

Production times vary depending on the style of product you choose and whether your custom PVC patch is 2D or 3D. Generally our PVC patch maker takes between 2 to 3 weeks to make a custom pvc patch or custom keychain. We are happy to accommodate rush orders for PVC rubber patches when we’re able to for an additional charge.

I Want to Make Custom PVC Keychains and Pins

We also make custom PVC keychains and pins! If you’re interested in making a PVC keychain instead of a patch, learn more about the types of PVC keychains we can create. Or contact us to receive a free quote for PVC keychains and pins.