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Custom Patches Manufactured In Days!

Our custom patches are tailored to your logo and provide superior quality you can count on. We've got a huge range of styles - leather, woven patches PVC rubber, or embroidered – perfect for any event! Plus our excellent customer service will make sure it's smooth sailing from start to finish.

Types of Custom Patches

Our expertise in the business provides us with an advantage when it comes to crafting attractive, long-lasting custom patches. Our high-quality patches include leather, PVC Rubber, woven patches, embroidered patch designs, printed, and sublimated. Put your trust in our products and show off your team pride or represent any organization with confidence! Plus, we have a friendly customer service squad that's ready to assist you through every artistic inquiry - from minor projects to large ones.

lasered patch

Leather Patches

Make your very own custom patches from leather can be made in a variety of shapes and come in suede or smooth-tanned leather. Available in a variety of stock colors.

pvc rubber

PVC Patches

PVC patches can be made in 2d or in 3D for a sculpted look. A sewing channel can be added as well as hook and loop backing.

custom shaped woven patch


Woven Patches are the perfect choice for detailed designs with intricate line work or small types. This style produces a crisp, clean graphic image that really stands out.

whale patch

Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches offer a higher level of detail and give your artwork a classic look. Can easily be added to hats, jackets, backpacks, or apparel with hook and loop backing sewn on can be added. Twill can be added as a background color.

sublimation patch


A newer and improved way to print your artwork, these custom patches are perfect for those who want a quality product with complex colors or small details. Use this style to create custom-made full-color designs and feel free to request a sample!

printed Patch

Printed Patches

A clean and bold look with just enough old-school style to make it unique. A perfect fit for one or two color logos that need some detail but don't want anything too complicated - this is where our screen-printed patches come in!

printed label

Printed Labels

Labels can be sewn directly to apparel and headwear with ease. Available in all our fabric materials. Standard Sizing: 0.87” High x 1.85 “ Wide. Standard Sizing: 0.87” High x 1.85 “ Wide.

faux leather

Faux Leather

We have a variety of color options to select from. We can even sew them onto your favorite headwear for you or we can add a sewing channel to make it easy to sew them on. Faux leatherette is available in simple outlines only.

embossed leather

Embossed Leather

Embossing can make your brand stand out and the recessed areas can be color-filled. An embossing machine uses air pressure or hydraulics to impress the metal with your custom design.

Need A Custom Logo Patch Made?

We work with you to create custom patches that are made exactly as requested. The attention to detail matters more than anything else, and we take pride in delivering the final product on time without ever sacrificing quality for expediency!

Adding your design to a custom-made patch for your business is a great way to design a strongly branded product. Our leather and sublimated styles bring the most intricate designs to life. We use state-of-the-art and industry-leading technology to incorporate text and imagery onto a quality custom-made patch.

leather company patch for brewery

Design Tips for Creating Unique Custom Patches

Designing custom patches from scratch should be an enjoyable experience where you have complete control over the colors, size, fonts, and shape. With over 30 years of experience in producing embroidered, custom woven patches, our team is dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life. Collaborate with our design experts to ensure your custom patches perfectly embodies your brand. Get started today with our helpful tips and make the process a breeze.

custom embroidered patch hat
Choosing Colors

Consider contrasting product colors if your patch has darker colors, unless you want a subtle look like a charcoal logo on a black cap. By selecting colors that work together and enhance the overall appearance, you can create a memorable piece that truly represents your brand essence.

embroidery style options
Selecting Fonts

Consider the size of the font and how it'll look when done. Bigger or bolder fonts are usually easier to read especially when on a contrasting colored background. When you choose fonts that match your logo, you can make a cool-looking design that standouts. Just remember, some styles don't work well with small fonts, and if you're using embroidery, you might need a bigger font compared to a woven or a printed style to make it easy to read unless you are looking to create a subtle-looking design.

camo trucker har with leather patch
Incorporating Logos and Images

Putting your logo on custom patches will definitely spice things up. The colors in your logo will affect the size, shape, thread colors our design team will use. We'll show you a digital preview to okay before they go into production. No matter if it's for a sports team, military crew, or business, your artwork can really help your design pop and stick in people's minds.

trucker hat with patch

Custom Leather Patches For Hats

Whether they're stitched onto a hat or attached with adhesive, our designs make an impression that lasts. Whether you need a luxury feel of real leather for your brand or just something that's rugged, our rich textured faux leather-like appearance - we have the right design to fit any occasion!

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Choosing Woven Over Embroidery

Make your brand stand out from the rest with custom woven patches! With one-third of our products crafted this way, you can be sure to get a unique and eye-catching detail for your logo. Plus, they come in various thread colors that offer shading effects as well as an optional merrow edge – giving off a tapestry effect when added on any garment or hat. And if it's convenience you're looking for? We even have adhesive backing options so attaching them is easy & effortless!

Custom embroidered patches are a great way to make your organization stand out with custom details. They can be quickly and affordably created, plus they're as durable as they come! While not quite reaching the same level of detail or resolution compared to woven options, embroidery still offers an impressive output that's sure to last for years on end.

Custom Patch Design Video

Custom Embroidered Patches

We are committed to providing the best custom embroidered patches available. Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes us your number one source for all types of police, military, and fire department badges as well as private security services logos! We make ordering easy with fast turnaround times so you can get what's needed quickly.

For those looking to add a custom branded touch to any type of clothing or hat, the Monterey Company specializes in providing embroidered patches at an affordable price. Our streamlined ordering process makes it quick and hassle-free for you to receive your personalized designs delivered directly from us!

custom embroidered patch design

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Custom Patches

Is this your first time ordering a custom pin design? Here are a few answers on ordering lapel pins with your design. 

Sewing is the most secure way to add a patch to a hat, backpack, or shirt. These custom-made patches work best on complex outlines where sewing the shape would be difficult. Hook and loop backing can be added to the back of most styles and add an excellent way to add a patch to a garment.

To keep your custom patches looking good and lasting a long time, take good care of them. Wash them in cold water using a gentle cycle, and when drying, use the lowest heat setting to avoid any loosening that might happen with high heat. Following these easy care tips will help your custom patches stay in top shape and show off your brand or group for years. 

Custom Embroidered Patches Prices With 75% Coverage

A 3" patch with 75% coverage will range from $.64 to $1.94. Pricing is based on embroidery coverage and sizing by adding the length + width and dividing by 2. EIght colors included.

Size 100 200 300 500 1,000 2,000
2" $1.46 $0.86 $0.75 $0.61 $0.52 $0.46
2.5" $1.66 $1.14 $0.96 $0.81 $0.66 $0.62
3" $1.94 $1.30 $1.21 $0.98 $0.67 $0.64
3.5" $2.22 $1.65 $1.55 $1.22 $0.87 $0.83
4" $2.51 $1.81 $1.66 $1.42 $1.10 $1.05
4.5" $2.93 $2.11 $1.99 $1.63 $1.26 $1.18
5" $3.34 $2.67 $2.33 $1.76 $1.48 $1.38
5.5" $4.07 $3.01 $2.32 $2.15 $1.85 $1.75
6" $4.67 $3.76 $3.29 $2.81 $2.64 $2.53
6.5" $5.27 $4.32 $3.92 $3.01 $2.83 $2.72
7" $6.55 $5.25 $4.81 $4.07 $3.66 $3.44

Show off your company logo with a stylish embroidered patch! Our experienced team is here to help you choose the perfect coverage- whether it be 50%, 75% or 100%. Create something unique and special today, because we will make sure that your design stands out. Get in touch for an unbeatable quote now!

The four most common backing options include:
  • Iron-on
  • Hook and Loop
  • Adhesive
  • Sew-on

Iron-On Patches

Iron-on patches provide a quick and easy attachment method for various fabrics and materials. With their convenient adhesive backing, iron-on patches can be applied to clothing, accessories, or uniforms in just a matter of minutes. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want a fast and efficient way to attach your custom patches without the need for sewing or other more time-consuming methods.

In addition to their ease of application, iron-on patches also offer a strong and durable bond. Once applied, the adhesive backing securely attaches them to the chosen item, ensuring it stays in place and maintains its appearance over time. Whether they are personal use or for a team or organization, iron-on patches offer a reliable and efficient attachment method that is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Hook and Loop Patches

If you’re looking for a backing option that offers both flexibility and convenience, Hook Loop backing is an excellent choice. They can be easily removed and reattached as needed, making them ideal for uniforms and tactical gear that may require frequent changes or adjustments. This removable nature also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

In addition to their convenience, hook and loop also provide a strong and secure attachment method. Once attached, the hook and loop backing ensures that they stay in place and maintains its appearance, even during heavy use or harsh conditions. With their removable and reusable nature, They are a versatile and practical backing option for your patch project.

Adhesive Patches

For a temporary attachment solution that is perfect for events and promotions, adhesive patches are an ideal choice. These patches feature a sticky adhesive backing that can be easily applied to a variety of surfaces, including clothing, accessories, and promotional items. This makes them perfect for situations where a permanent attachment method is not necessary or desired.

While adhesive patches may not offer the same level of durability as other backing options, they do provide a convenient and efficient solution for temporary use. They can be easily removed and disposed of once the event or promotion has concluded, making them a practical and cost-effective option for your custom patch needs.

Sew-On Patches

For a durable and long-lasting attachment method, sew-on patches are a fantastic option. As the name suggests, these patches are sewn directly onto the chosen item using a needle and thread, ensuring a secure and permanent bond. They are perfect for various applications, including uniforms, clothing, and accessories, where a strong and reliable attachment method is required.

In addition to their strength and durability, these patches also offer a classic and timeless appearance. The sewing process adds an extra layer of detail and craftsmanship to the patch, enhancing its overall look and feel. If you’re looking for a custom patch backing option that offers both durability and a traditional aesthetic, sew-on patches are an excellent choice.

Yes, you can get a patch made from a picture! Sublimation allows for reproduction of photos.

It usually takes about 10-12 business days to make embroidered and custom woven patches once you've given us the green light to make your sample. Make sure to let us know if you have a deadline when requesting a quote.

pvc patch with rooster logo

Custom Patches in 3D

Add a unique touch to your style with 3D PVC patches! These eye-catching pieces are crafted from durable PVC material and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Easily attach these designs using adhesive backing or sewing - perfect for military personnel, law enforcement officers, outdoor enthusiasts & more!. Or simply use them as decorative accents – the possibilities are endless!

3d security patch
Customized police patch
military patch

Our team of talented artists can help you elevate your brand and make it stand out through customized patches! Let us bring to life the designs in your head with visible threading for unique textures or go full-on durable PVC rubber. If that wasn’t enough, why not add an extra dimension by attaching 3D PVC patches? Our larger molds will provide impressive detail resulting in raised and recessed lettering which is sure to turn heads when displayed on uniforms, caps jackets & bags!

Merrowed vs Hot Cut Borders

A custom merrowed border is a heavier, more robust outlining around the exterior edges. Hot-cut edges also known as laser-cut edges are the best choice for unique shapes and more complex designs.

When you need a little more dimension, use a merrowed border. It's more durable than hot-cut borders and both styles can be applied by hand or machine!

custom logo patch with hot cut border

Hot Cut

round woven patch

Merrow Border

Why Choose The Monterey Company?

Our production team checks out your design to make sure it's just right. Before we start making them, we'll show you a design preview. Plus, we've got your back with a 100% quality guarantee. If anything's not perfect within 21 days of getting your order, no worries – we'll sort it out, no questions asked. We're all about top quality that lasts – your satisfaction is our promise, every single time!

Ready To Order? 

Once you’ve decided on the type of custom made patch and backing option that best suits your needs, it’s time to place your order. The process of ordering custom patches is simple and straightforward.

We craft custom designs crafted by experienced in-house artists, so you can be confident that your team's logo sports patches will look their best. With our years of experience and dedication to top-quality products and finest materials, we guarantee a durable design that'll make an impact - one which proudly shows off your spirit or brand year after year.

Production Time

10 - 12 days!

sewing patches on hats

Add a patch to headwear

We can sew your patches on hats for you. We have thousands of caps to choose from.

richardson camo hat with woven patch

Custom Design

Our team of talented artists can help you elevate your brand and make it stand out through customized patches!

custom patches

Send us your design!

Let us bring to life the designs in your head with visible threading for unique textures or go full-on durable with PVC rubber. If that wasn’t enough, why not add an extra dimension by attaching 3D PVC patches? Our larger molds will provide impressive detail resulting in raised and recessed lettering which is sure to turn heads when displayed on uniforms, caps jackets & bags!