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Custom Geocaching Geocoins

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Treasure hunting has intrigued mankind for millennia, sending explorers and their followers across the globe from treacherous peaks to the deepest depths of the oceans for sunken secrets. Generations later, the pursuit has been reinvented as an ideal hobby for the tech-savvy outdoor enthusiast. The Monterey Company is an official coin manufacturer for Geocaching.com. We also will handle the purchasing of tracking codes with Groundspeak. Request a quote and let us help you design your next custom GeoCoin.

SPECIAL: Free engraving on orders of 150 coins or more! (Trackable codes priced separately).

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Custom Geocaching Coins

In search of hidden booty, Geocachers employ Global Positioning (GPS) devices in the place of their predecessors’ arcane tools (map and compass) to track down hidden “caches”. Currently, the total estimated active geocaches worldwide is in excess of 904,000. They can be found in over 100 countries on all seven continents, including Antarctica. Every cache includes a logbook where messages can be left for future “cachers”, enabling them catch a glimpse of the history of a particular cache and those who have visited that location.

How do I create a trackable geocoin? 

Geocaching coin artwork for your geocaching coins are designed in-house by our art team. We will need to be submitted your design for approval with geocaching.com prior to production and all designs need to be family friendly. We will handle these approvals for you!

  1. Trackable coins need to include the text “Trackable on Geocaching.com” or “Track on Geocaching.com.”
  2. Use of the Geocaching.com logo is not required. If  the Geocaching.com logo is used,  the ® trademark symbol will need to appear as part of the logo. There is no charge to include the Geocaching.com logo. Please remember all custom geocoin designs need to be approved.
  3. Personal Geocoins with trackable codes will begin with the “PC” prefix and will be named Personal Geocoin. If your coin is for an event, the prefix will be “EV”.
  4. There is a 150 trackable code minimum thee cost per tracking number is US$1.50. We will handle the purchase and engraving of these coins for you. Activating your trackable codes can be done here.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunting game that uses a hand-held GPS-enabled devices. Geocachers navigate to coordinates and search for a hidden geocache (container). Geocaching.com has a huge database that is searchable for hidden caches and can be found here. There are different levels of difficulty so no matter what your level adventure is, there is a cache for you!

Where can I find a Geocache Coin?

Geocaches are hidden worldwide. Caches can be located in almost anyplace you could think of! Locations include hiking trails or in some cases a geocoin can be hidden in a cache that is underwater. Use your imagination!

Geocaching Etiquette:

If you take something, leave something of equal or greater value and record your visit in the logbook. While a variety of “treasures” can be found in any given cache (ranging from small trinkets to CDs or books), one of the most popular is the Geocoin. Geocoins are often categorized as “hitchhikers” because they characteristically travel from one cache to another. They are also often engraved with a tracking number, making it possible for their travels to be logged and followed online. This is fun stuff! Several of us here have joined in these adventurous pursuits (and we have the best coins!).

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