Coin Gallery

Soft & Hard Enamel Coins Designed With Your Logo. Our gallery includes die struck coins as well as cast coins. We have sample images of some of our favorite enamel coin design.

Need ideas for your next die struck coin?

We create custom made coins for every branch of the military as well as make coins for organizations and companies looking to commemorate an event. We specialize in law enforcement coins including fire departments. Please let us know if you would like to receive a free quote for your design. We can even create an art proof of charge for your review. We look forward to working with you!

We have just the right coin for you!

Thinking about designing coins? Great idea! Whether you're looking for soft enamel coins or hard enamel coins, know that we offer both choices. Our gallery includes die-struck coins, as well as cast coins!

hand holding a scull coin

Challenge Coins

Custom made challenge coins and military coin design

Challenge Coins
customized 3d coin

Custom Coins

Coins created with your logo. Designed in days!

Custom Coins
3d police coin design

Police Coins

Customized Police and law enforcement coins.

Police Coins

Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins created for events

Commemorative Coins
printed design

Printed Coins

We offer printed coins in vibrant color.

Printed Coins
3d club coin

3D Coins

Custom made 3D coins with your logo.

3D Coins
dog tag coin with enamel color

Dog Tag Coins

Customized dog tag coins.

Dog Tags
Custom Geocoins


Custom made geocaching coins.

firefighter coin

Firefighter Coins

Custom made fire department coins.

Firefighter Coins
custom made gold coins

Minting Coins

We can mint coins using gold plating.

Minted Coins
custom card guard

Card Guards

Looking for a custom card guards?

Card Guards
custom coin logo

Gold Coins

Gold plated coins with sandblasting.

Gold Coins

Soft & Hard Enamel Coins Designed With Your Logo

Do coins fit in with your marketing agenda? If yes, know that many companies are designing their very own promotional coins designed with their distinctive company logo. Just imagine how your logo will look once placed on your choice of promotional coin. Wow! Because your company logo is like no other, any of the coins you choose to help brand your company will be 100% unique.

Each coin type we offer comes with its own advantages. This makes it a good idea for you to learn about the different types of coins we offer, as this allows you to make a choice that will best represent your company brand. See detailed information on our soft enamel coins here, and details on our hard enamel coins here.

Need Ideas For Choosing a Die Struck Coin?

Or maybe you prefer coins made using the die casting process? Die striking is a process that requires us to make your unique design and then strike the metal in order to press your design into the coin. This option is a great choice for coins that will include a lot of color. Die casting is a more modern technique in which will make a cast of your design. This option is a great choice for coins that include a lot of intricate details.

We Have 30+ Years of Experience Designing Coins

The Monterrey company has been specializing in manufacturing promotional products for more than 30 years now. That means we have the experience necessary to ensure that every one of our clients is always 100% satisfied when buying customizable coins from us. If you already know exactly what you want to be imprinted on your choice of coin, great! If you need a little designing assistance, contact our design team now to learn more.

Our clients never pay for any custom design services they need to create the perfect coins. Nice!

Which Coin Option is Right for You?

  • We can create coins for any branch of the military.
  • We can create commemorative coins for organizations and companies looking to commemorate an event.
  • We can create law enforcement coins, for both police departments and fire departments.
  • Free Proofs, Free Quotes

We can send you as many proofs as you need to make sure the coin you choose to customize perfectly meets the vision you have in mind. We can also send you as many free quotes as you need to ensure that you stay within your budget. As always, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team anytime you have a question.

We look forward to working with you!

firefighter challenge coin
rescue coin
custom field medic coin